Tuesday 30 June 2015


So as you may know we went on our first holiday together now like a week ago now and I (hannah) am still suffering from holiday blues? anyone else suffer holiday blues this bad. Anyhow we went to Marmaris in Turkey, which was both our first time and it was lovely. We were literally located in the best part possible. We were close to the beach, bars, shops and nightlife so there was always something to do. 

Sadly we didn't take many pictures of our holiday as we didn't really want to take the camera out with us much! But we didn't really get up to that much it was a rather chilled week. Em did a bit of shopping and got herself a nice bag and purse along with some gifts for family. We also spent a day time at their waterpark. Which is honestly the tiniest Waterpark we've ever been too but still had fun. Plus helped our tan loads!

Our hotel was honestly so good and we were so happy with it. We went all inclusive and got a good cheap deal with everything included so we didn't have to worry about buying food out there. The food in the hotel was nice enough. Hannah literally ate watermelon all the time. As for drinks we literally had sex on the beaches every night (almost). The first night we arrived we sat down and the drinks didn't stop coming..  which was lovely of the bar waiter person sadly we didn't get his name. Also the bar tenders are so entertaining to watch so if you ever go to the SunConnect Grand Ideal just watch them they are so funny. 

We don't really know what else to say? Sorry for the lack of photos. If you want to hear more about our holiday, leave any questions below and we will do like a question and answer post or something. Also wanted to say sorry for the lack of posts last week... need to get back into the routine 

see you soon, han & em x 
if it was cheap again we would definitely go back!


  1. Welcome to Turkey! I like Marmaris, but still I haven't had a chance to go. I hope you had a pretty time here :)

  2. U both look so pretty ! :)