Sunday 21 June 2015

Makeup Brush Set

I haven't talked about makeup brushes I ages! I think my last post where I mentioned makeup brushes was when I ordered some cheap ones from amazon, totally worth looking into getting by the way more details here. Anyhow back onto these.. I was kindly gifted these as a birthday present from a friend back in May and i'm in love!

The are gorgeously designed with a grey metallic handle with an added gold touch. A great thing is that they come in a plain simple ivory/cream makeup brush bag, so great for travelling. I can't find this exact set online but Beau Belle Make Up Brushes 18 pc is very similar designed I think it just has a few extra brushes. Also all the brushes are really soft minus the brush on the eyebrow one. I haven't found any to fall apart which is a bonus. Also they didn't have a horrible chemical smell!

So the set includes from left to right:

  • A Powder Brush - Now this is soft but it isn't the best for picking up product. It does but not as well as the amazon powder brush or a real technique one.
  • An Angled Blush Brush - I personally love using this one for my bronzer as I find that it's the perfect angle to apply bronzer. I love it. Definitely picks up product the powder one. 
  • A Foundation Brush - I'll be honest I haven't use this one! From feeling it it's nice and like study and looks like it will pick up product well, i'll update this when I have used it. 
  • Next up are Two Eyeshadow Brushes - These differ from the rest as they don't have the same brush strand colour. Both of these are great for blending out eyeshadow. 
  • An Angled Shadow Brush - I think this is my most used brush and I love using it to fill and shape my eyebrows. Really good for picking up colour and colour pay off.
  • An Small Shadow Brush - I personally wouldn't use it for eye shadow as I find it's too small, but again I like to use it for filling in my brows. 
  • A Sponge Smudge Brush - I think that is what it is called. I'm not a fan of this it's too hard and I personally wouldn't use it. 
  • A Fan Brush - Again like the foundation brush I haven't used it. I actually don't really know what you are mean't to use it for, so would love to know in the comments below! 
  • Two ultra fine lip brush / Eyeliner Brushes - I don't really use these types of brushes unless I have a gel eye liner. Both are really soft and not too hard so wouldn't feel like you are scratching your eye. 
  • Lastly a Brow Brush - It has your average brow comb but the brush side is a tad rough.  
Overall this set is definitely good quality and would make a great gift. What do you think?

see you soon, han xo
 ps still on holiday so will be a delay in replying to comments. Any comments received I am really grateful for and can't wait to read them when back


  1. I love finding affordable brushes and these ones sound like they'd do a good job for anyone starting out in makeup :)


  2. I think its worth it! It is a really nice set of makeup brushes!

    Nikoleta, xoxo.

  3. What a beautiful set of brushes. I love the little carry case they come in.

    Rachael at

  4. These brushes are so pretty! x

  5. They are so pretty :) Your friend has great taste in brushes

  6. it's beautiful, I like it. went to the block and it's Sweet .

  7. These look like a nice, affordable set of brushes! x

  8. Wow this set looks and sounds incredible!! I'd love to get this and also like the case xx

  9. These look great! I'm always on a lookout for some affordable makeup brushes! thanks for sharing :) x


  10. I love finding affordable makeup brushes, because good quality ones are often pretty expensive. These ones also look very pretty - thanks for sharing!


  11. I also thought you might want to know that I've nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award xx

  12. Hey I've checked the brushes and found it really attractive, I've also got great collection of makeup brush set at 6thstreet.