Thursday, 27 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide Series: Gifts for Her over £15

Today we have the third in our christmas guide series which is gifts for her over £15. This is a bit different to the others as we have decided to do 7 categories and offer different priced gifts that fit in the category. Anyway let's find out what we put...

1. Random Picks

This is definitely perfect if she loves a good photo! You can also get it in blue, yellow, black and white, if pink isn't her thing but they do slightly change in price. This is a such a fun gift which let's her keep memories.

This is a super cute and personal gift. This gorgeous keepsake box can be personalised to the giftee to include her name and date and you get to pick which colour either pink or ivory. ps it comes with free delivery!  

2. Bags 

This bag is very expensive and will only suit the person which can definitely afford this. However this is a beautiful bag. Its designer, its small, and it is so pretty! I am sure any girl would love this bag, not just because of the brand. However if this isn't in your price range don't worry we have more bags below.

Wow this bag is so cute! We have fallen in love with it! Its definitely one of emily's personal favourite. We have a slight weak spot for these Ted Baker bags! This gift would be lovely for any girl in your life... We are positive they would appreciate the art of prettiness ha-ha. ps it comes in two other colours. 

Now if the above are way out of your price range don't worry this one doesn't burn a whole in your pocket as much. This is a lovely daytime bag and would make a lovely gift. We think you will establish the love we have for bags. (em's love is growing whilst writing this post) Em personally love this bag. Its cute, its contemporary and it will suit nearly every outfit!

And now something cheaper... which we can't believe is only £20 bargain. It is so cute. A nude bag is essential as they do suit everything and this one is very pretty... such a nice gift. PS can we just mention that retails at £72.20

3. A Party Dress

Em fell immediately in love with this dress when she saw it. It love the colour, I love the style its just over all beautiful! Also this dress is shaped to fatter your figure which is never a bad thing!
any girlfriend, daughter, mother I am sure would love this dress it makes a lovely, thoughtful gift.

We love this dress! Love the lace detailing, love the style, just love it! You can't go wrong with a nude dress as well. This would be suitable for a night out or a special occasion. Definitely a winner in our eyes!

Again another Missguided dress, they have some beautiful dresses in stock so definitely recommend checking them out. This one has gorgeous detail and is Hannah's fav! It's backless and black which girl says no to a little black dress!

4. Jewellery 

What girl wouldn't love a piece of jewellery from Tiffany's! This is a gorgeous sterling silver necklace which comes in an amazing blue box. It's definitely something that would be treasured. 

This ring is a lovely gift to give to her whether she's a girl friend/friend or family member although the name says eternity. It's a nice simple piece of jewellery that would suit anyone (you can also get it in pink and purple). We are sure she'd be happy opening a Pandora box on christmas day.

This again is a super cute personalised gift at a reasonable price. We have bought our friend one of these bracelets before and they are a perfect present. Also Lily Belle send their products all wrapped up cutely and in a nice little box. 

5. Fragrance

Now you can never go wrong with a Marc Jacobs perfume in our opinion! This is the newest fragrance and It's lovely! If you know she's a fan of the original Daisy then why not get her the latest one. Plus it has one of the most prettiest bottle ever! In this set you also get a 75ml body lotion too.

This set is both a beauty and fragrance set in one yay! (han has this on her christmas list this year) Not only do you get a 30ml of Black Opium which has floral, coffee and vanilla scents. But you get a travel size mascara and eye pencil which are handy to have if you are a girl into makeup.

If she's a Juicy Couture fan then this is for her! It has berry notes as well as hints of honeysuckle as well as other scents. So if you know she likes them smells you could be onto a winner with this perfume (plus you get a cute 5ml bottle which she can pop in her bag). Also, the bottle is beautifully designed so would look glamorous in her room. 

This fragrance set is perfect to give to her. It comes with 3 mini fragrances so she can change up what she uses or in the case she doesn't like one she still has option to pick from. These are also really great because they a perfect size if she travels a lot so easy to take with her. Hannah really recommends Reb'l Fleur as it's one of her favourite perfumes. 

6. Makeup Set

This makeup set by NARs includes both 10 lipsticks and 10 nail varnishes however it's definitely affects the bank! If you have the money and you know she loves lipsticks and nail varnishes then you definitely can't go wrong with this. 

This is definitely one of our favourite gift sets by Benefit in their christmas collection (which Hannah has bought her mum a few for christmas). It comes with a bit of everything: mascara, lip gloss, tints, blusher and eyeshadows! 

This set also gives you a nice selection of makeup including: face powder, eyeliner, mascara, lip lacquer and 3 eyeshadows. Definitely recommend this set if she's just beginning with makeup and the more we look at this the more we want it! Plus it's in Boots 3 for 2 offer!

7. Body & Bath Sets

This is a perfect bath and body set for christmas if you are willing to spend £82.50 on a present for her. Definitely perfect if you know she loves Lush! This set comes with 20 lush products including: 7 bath bombs, 4 bath melts, 2 soaps, 1 bubbleroon, 1 fun and 5 bubble bars. It has a few of their christmas releases including the christmas hedgehog, christmas eve, snow angel just to name a couple.

If you don't want to spend more than £80 on some lush products for her, you could always buy her this set for just under £30. So again its perfect if she's a Lush lover! In this set is 6 lush products including: 4 bubble bars (drummers drumming, magic wand, the comforter and the christmas hedgehog) and 2 bath bombs (golden wonder and luxury lush pud). So it includes all christmas products = a very festive gift!

If either of the both are out of your budget then why not get her this £17 set from The Body Shop. This set comes with the following: the glazed apple shower gel (60ml), glazed apple body butter (50ml), glazed apple body lotion (60ml), glazed apple body polish (75ml) and a green mini bath lily (as they call it). If she loves apples then this is the one for her!

We hope you have liked this post and let us know in the comments or via twitter which gift you like best. If you missed yesterday's post then you can check it out here. We'll be back in a couple of days with the next gift guide which is gifts for him!

See you soon han and em x

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Zoella's Fizz Bar Review

A few weeks ago me and Emily popped into our local Superdrug and I spotted this so I thought I would pick it up and give it a try. This is the first thing that I have tried from the Zoella beauty range. However I had  previously smelt the body mist as Emily had it and I really liked the scent. So I was super excited to try out another of her products. Here comes my thoughts...

  • The packaging: is beautiful! I really like the design of both the wrapper and the actual fizz bar it's self. It's super girly and pretty. Not much else to say on that topic, so top marks for the design!
  • The scent: I really like the fresh scent.  I love that it's not overbearing as scents that are like that especially lavender give me headaches but this one is definitely most enjoyable. In fact I can't stop sniffing it right now. 
  • I liked the fact that I could smell this product on my skin when I came out the bath and that I felt softer. I don't know if this is the case for everybody but it certainly was for me. 
  • Accessibility: I found this easy to get hold from my Superdrug but you can also pick it up online from superdrug or at feel unique for £5 which is reasonable pricing! link here

  • Sadly, I was left a bit disappointed with this product. I put the first square in and literally saw nothing happen so thought it was just a dodgy square. So I put a second in my bath and it fizzed for about 1 minute and that was it. Ultimately, I just wish it would fizz a bit and maybe add a few bubbles. HOWEVER I have heard that it's best to use this product with the bath soak so I may pick that up in the future
  • Now this con is me being picky! It's not the easiest product to break which isn't great for me as I have weak hands (lame excuse) but it did take me awhile to break it. Eventually I did try a knife to cut it. 

Overall, I'm probably not likely to buy another one of these in the future but saying that I'm happy I tried it and still want try out her other products. Hopefully, she'll expand her range and bring out fizz bars that change the bath colours or different scents.  Let me know what you think you think of this product or any suggestions on what I should get next in the comments or via twitter.

See you soon, han x
ps: still sniffing the fizz bar becoming addicted to the scent.. mmm

Christmas Gift Guide Series: Stocking Fillers for Him

Hey everyone! As promised here is our second episode in the series of our Christmas gift guide: Stocking fillers for Him. We don't know about you but We find shopping for men so hard. They are so picky! So we have come up with 15 products to hopefully help targeting a range of personalities. We hope this helps you!

All men love to build things, its just in there blood! Any gadget or toy no matter what age. So men will find this amusing. I think this is great stocking filler, its cheap and will keep the him occupied which is never a bad thing! 

Personally we love these! My (Em's) brother used to have one and they was so much fun! This is mainly for the younger audience. However the older men can be treated to this too. It will keep them active whilst having a bit of fun. And it is also very cheap.
This is a lovely gift for the fathers out there. and it is so sweet! it will sure melt there hearts to with this... and also, who doesn't love a mug?

All men love a good gadget. This is a nice little present for any male. It's a ballpoint pen that also comes with 5 other functions: a UV light, laser pointer, flashlight, stylus as well as being a pen. Also batteries are included bonus! 

This present is a lot more controversial. It is a humorous gift to give him. And who knows they may find it useful! This should definitely make them laugh.

6. River Island: Black Beanie - £9.60
This gift is great! It's getting cold and hats are becoming more popular as days pass on. Its cute and practical.

7. River Island: Grow Your Own Beer Monster - £4
This is a unique gift. It's for all the beer lovers out there! Most dads would appreciate this product and also its another building present which you can never go wrong with!

8. Firebox:Colour Me Shave - £9.99
This gift again is a nice little product to give. It's different from the normal shaving brands and provides a much more fun approach. Most men would appreciate this product, just make sure they shave ha-ha!

9. River Island: Book of Chat Up Lines - £3
Do you think he needs to work on his chat up lines? Now give them a tool to fix this! With this cheesy book they can still produce them cringey lines for the girls out there! This would be perfect for any single men you know.

10.  River Island: White Snowman Socks - £3
Socks...who doesnt need socks? This is a practical, yet a fun present to give and also will keep there toes warm for the winter.

This is a nice little gift to give that will sure bring some laughs. Let's see if the men in your life really know all their stuff!
This gift is more appropriate for boyfriends, especially if your man is hot! ha-ha this is nice novelty gift and will fill up his present pile.

13. River Island: Football's funniest Joke Book - £6
This is a nice gift for all the football fans, anything related to football I am sure they would appreciate. this one also offers a range of laughs as a complement.

14. IWOOT: Man Mug - £8.99
Again is another gadget/build gift. for all the men which love a novelty gift this is perfect, its got humour, it provides a good drink and also has other manly stuff which I am sure they will find amusing. 

15. River Island: River Island 1 60ml Fragrance - £10
And to finish it off nicely.. a fragrance set for men! Men should always smell good at least hey!

So that is everything in our Stocking Fillers for Him. As always let us know your thoughts on the post in the comments or via twitter. We'll be back tomorrow with the next post in the Christmas gift guide series which is Gifts for her over £15 or check out yesterday's here

See you soon han & em x

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide Series: Gifts for Her under £15

river island, soap and glory, mac, one direction, new look, benefit, lord & berry, Asos

Welcome to the first of our christmas guide series 2014. We have decided to share with you some gifts that we think would be great to get for friends or family throughout the series. To start of this series we are bringing you 15 gift ideas all under £15 for her.

This soap and glory set would be great for a female in your life, whether friend or family member (or girlfriend for any guys out there). The set comes with 4 Soap and Glory products including: the righteous body butter (50ml), the clean on me shower gel (75ml), hand food hand cream (50ml) and the scrub of your life body scrub (50ml). Along with this you get a body polisher all for £10. 

This is a super cute simple daisy necklace that would be perfect for any girls that like a simplistic necklace. This necklace would be great to wear both day and night. If you are interested in this keeping checking New Look out as I have seen this on offer where you can buy one and get one free. However we are unsure whether this offer will return.

This is a gorgeous photo frame which would make such a personal christmas gift if you added a nice photograph to it before given. ASOS also does this in a range of sizes and colours. We personally love this style a long with the lilac version. 

We adore these ourself and really want them! These would be such a super gift as you can never really go wrong with pyjamas. Also, it would be lovely to give someone on christmas eve so that they can wake up on christmas day all festive. New Look currently have these stocked in all sizes (8-18) on their website. 

This would be good for any girl you know who loves a candle especially with a scent like pink lemonade (yum yum). 

These are a bargain. They are currently selling them at £12.99 on Amazon along with free delivery (saving £17 plus delivery).  They are the same design style as real techniques and they are super soft. Hannah has bought these for one of her friends and now wants them for herself. 

This is perfect for anyone who loves a bit of lip gloss or has a makeup addiction like us. Currently they are £10 on Look Fantastic saving 67% (whatever that is) a long with free delivery.  This set comes in 3 wearable shades Starlight, Enchantment and Icy Bronze. 

This gift is a bit of a cheat as it's currently under £15 in Debenhams... however it just goes over by 50p so not too bad. Now this is definitely perfect for any of the lipstick lovers out there like us! They pretty much have all the MAC lipstick shades in stock including Velvet Teddy. Which has proven for us  hard to find. So if you are after a MAC lipstick  as gift check out Debenhams!

You can currently save £1 on this gift set (woop de woop) which is great for all the nail varnish lovers out there. This set includes 4 nail varnishes which are usually £5 each so save yourself at least a tenner! You get the shades trillion taupe, asscher blue, pear purple and radiant pink as well as a 4 way buffer and a toe separator. 

This is a great girly phone case made for the iPhone 5. They also have another one on TK Maxx which has cute black bow. Definitely recommend checking these out if you are thinking of getting a phone case.  

This scarf is great as a christmas present as it's perfect for winter. You can get this in varies colours, such as pink, white&black, green and red. But we especially love the grey and pink version. 

This is perfect for any frozen fan especially if you like Olaf. This jumper is available in woman sizes 8-14 and costs £15 in total with delivery. 

This is not only great for the one direction fan but good for you bank account. You can pick up a 30ml bottle for just £12.75 or £15.95 if you want to get 50ml and free delivery. We personally think it's a nice smelling perfume. 

This makeup bag is gorgeous and would be a great gift for all those makeup lovers out there or all those people who have a worn out looking makeup bag. This is our personal favourite but they also have varies out £10 makeup bags on the site. 

 The last of the gifts in this series is this set from Benefit. Again this is another cheat gift as it's technically over £15 but has discount on it at the moment. In this set is a mini hola (bronzer) and dandelion (blusher). As well as their matching lip glosses. This again is great for all the makeup lovers or for someone who is just beginning with makeup.  

So that is everything in our under £15 pound gift guide for her. As always let us know your thoughts on the post in the comments or via twitter. We'll be back tomorrow with the next post in the christmas  gift guide series which is stocking gifts for him. 

see you soon han & em x

Sunday, 23 November 2014

MAC haul!


MAC Lipsticks by

Okay so recently I have managed to extend my MAC product collection by 8 lipsticks and 3 paint pots (woo) This was helpful due to fragrance direct now stocking MAC: here. Which I didn't even know they did! Until I was browsing for some lipsticks on their site and then spotted MAC. I think I refreshed the page many of times (I was in shock) and then once it settled in I literally messaged everybody to let them know. 

Back to the point of this post... From fragrance direct I picked up four lipsticks in the shades: cyber (my favourite at the moment), chatterbox, vegas volt and ravishing. These all cost £13.99 I believe. As well as those I also bought my little sister kinda sexy which cost £14.99 I think due to being a matte shade. 

So the paint pots I bought and the other 4 lipsticks all came from a MAC store in London. OMG this was such an issue for me. Basically, all MAC stores near me are department stores (key point).  I was lucky enough to win a £100 gift voucher through a WAMO competition (more info below) and I couldn't spend my voucher as it had to be a MAC store. Anyway I was beginning to think that I was never going to spend this voucher as I'm never near a MAC store but after a few weeks my cousin offered to spend my voucher for me YAY. I gave her a list which had the four lipsticks above on : please me, flamingo, sweet & sour and shy girl which are £15.50 each, arghhhh. A long with 3 pro longwear paint pots in: camel coat, painterly and bare study also £15.50. For any of you doing the maths she kindly put money towards the purchase in order to spend all of the voucher.

Overall, I'm really loving what I've got. I have had MAC lipsticks before so knew I would be thrilled with them and the paint pots I am just loving totally gone into my everyday look. So I would definitely recommend both these MAC products to anyone. Just a heads up if you are going to buy MAC products from Fragrance Direct just know they go out of stock so quickly!!!! I really wanted to get hold of mac velvet teddy but it went so fast and now I'm struggling with other shops too. I have been thinking about doing my MAC lipstick collection in a future post/series so as always guys let me know your thoughts on that and this post in the comments below or @emilyhan1394 

see you soon han x

PS: Just before I briefly mention WAMO. I would just like to state that I don't work for the brand or have any link to it other than I use the app for my own purposes and would honestly recommend it to everyone. Basically this is an APP that you can download from you app store on your phone, that run competitions everyday e.g. ASOS, Topshop etc. All it takes is you as the user is to enter the competition and make a list which is explained via the app. Then the rest is luck whether you win or not.  It's completely free and gives you something to do with your time. Let me know whether you already have the app or do download it and your thoughts because I would really love to hear from you guys. 

Thursday, 20 November 2014

My Puppy!!!

Hey everyone, sorry its been awhile since anything was last posted, we have been strung up with uni work but now we are coming back!
Lhasa Apso and shih tau

Lhasa Apso and shih tau
I wanted to share my beautiful puppy with you all. He was kindly given to me for a birthday present from my boyfriend (so lucky!) He is a cross between a Lhasa Apso and Shih Tzu and his name is George. 

 I had been wanting a dog for a while before I was given George. Before I got him I knew that it was going to take a lot of commitment and responsibility to look after my own puppy. I am so happy to have him although it is hard work! All of that has been worth it though as I love him to pieces. To anyone out there who is hoping for a puppy for Christmas... prepare yourself for work. Getting a puppy means you also get the joys of nibbling, Biting, training it to use the toilet (clearing poo and wee up), constant need for your attention and that's just the half of it. Forget sleeping in!

However saying all that there are great parts which are amazing e.g. cuddles.  Here are a few reasons why I love my pup: he is so friendly & welcoming, he truly loves me back, became one of the family (now he has settled in well with the family, he is such a lovely dog, any new person, or dog for that matter he will greet by running up, tailing waggling ready for playtime. He is a bundle of joy... my baby.

Let me know below any questions you may have about getting a puppy and I will get back to you, or if there's enough I will do another blog post answering the questions for you. 
See you soon x