Wednesday 26 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide Series: Stocking Fillers for Him

Hey everyone! As promised here is our second episode in the series of our Christmas gift guide: Stocking fillers for Him. We don't know about you but We find shopping for men so hard. They are so picky! So we have come up with 15 products to hopefully help targeting a range of personalities. We hope this helps you!

All men love to build things, its just in there blood! Any gadget or toy no matter what age. So men will find this amusing. I think this is great stocking filler, its cheap and will keep the him occupied which is never a bad thing! 

Personally we love these! My (Em's) brother used to have one and they was so much fun! This is mainly for the younger audience. However the older men can be treated to this too. It will keep them active whilst having a bit of fun. And it is also very cheap.
This is a lovely gift for the fathers out there. and it is so sweet! it will sure melt there hearts to with this... and also, who doesn't love a mug?

All men love a good gadget. This is a nice little present for any male. It's a ballpoint pen that also comes with 5 other functions: a UV light, laser pointer, flashlight, stylus as well as being a pen. Also batteries are included bonus! 

This present is a lot more controversial. It is a humorous gift to give him. And who knows they may find it useful! This should definitely make them laugh.

6. River Island: Black Beanie - £9.60
This gift is great! It's getting cold and hats are becoming more popular as days pass on. Its cute and practical.

7. River Island: Grow Your Own Beer Monster - £4
This is a unique gift. It's for all the beer lovers out there! Most dads would appreciate this product and also its another building present which you can never go wrong with!

8. Firebox:Colour Me Shave - £9.99
This gift again is a nice little product to give. It's different from the normal shaving brands and provides a much more fun approach. Most men would appreciate this product, just make sure they shave ha-ha!

9. River Island: Book of Chat Up Lines - £3
Do you think he needs to work on his chat up lines? Now give them a tool to fix this! With this cheesy book they can still produce them cringey lines for the girls out there! This would be perfect for any single men you know.

10.  River Island: White Snowman Socks - £3
Socks...who doesnt need socks? This is a practical, yet a fun present to give and also will keep there toes warm for the winter.

This is a nice little gift to give that will sure bring some laughs. Let's see if the men in your life really know all their stuff!
This gift is more appropriate for boyfriends, especially if your man is hot! ha-ha this is nice novelty gift and will fill up his present pile.

13. River Island: Football's funniest Joke Book - £6
This is a nice gift for all the football fans, anything related to football I am sure they would appreciate. this one also offers a range of laughs as a complement.

14. IWOOT: Man Mug - £8.99
Again is another gadget/build gift. for all the men which love a novelty gift this is perfect, its got humour, it provides a good drink and also has other manly stuff which I am sure they will find amusing. 

15. River Island: River Island 1 60ml Fragrance - £10
And to finish it off nicely.. a fragrance set for men! Men should always smell good at least hey!

So that is everything in our Stocking Fillers for Him. As always let us know your thoughts on the post in the comments or via twitter. We'll be back tomorrow with the next post in the Christmas gift guide series which is Gifts for her over £15 or check out yesterday's here

See you soon han & em x

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