Monday 30 March 2015

Look Fantastic March Box

I always browse beauty boxes with my sister every now and then debating whether or not I should finally buy myself one. So finally I took the plunge and thought why not try out the Look Fantastic Box for March for £15 including delivery. I can't remember how much they said the box was worth though as April's is now up for preorder. 

I was semi-excited by receiving this. I'm a massive fan of the Tangle Teezer and think I will continue with them in the future still however the benefit of this one is that I can use it with heat and not worry about it melting the bristles. 

2.  Bliss FatGirlSlim
This didn't really excite me to receive this. It's not something that I would necessarily pick up for myself. It's meant to make skin look and feel firmer so i'll definitely try this out to see if I think this. 

3. Cowshed Lippy Cow Lip Balm 
I'm not going to say a lot about this other than it's a 5ml Lip balm, as I think emily's doing a post about this soon or mentioning it soon. It's handy though!

This again isn't something I really I need yet in my life, so I have kindly given this serum to my mum to try out! However, some boxes didn't come with this and came with a NUXE sample, which I know emily got. 

I have just been getting back into wearing eye liner pencils to make my top lash look thicker so this definitely came at a great time to try out. 

This is the most exciting product in the box, it is gorgeous. You receive the colour Gilt which is a gold colour which is perfect for me and will definitely get used. I'm thinking about reviewing this further, so look out for that in the future. 

Do you think it was worth £15? Would you buy this box or which box should I try next?

see you soon, han x

Friday 27 March 2015

Soap & Glory: Thick & Fast Mascara
Thick & Fast Mascara came into my possession at christmas time, so I thought it was about time to give it a proper trial run, and fill you guys in about my thoughts on the mascara.

The packaging and the brush: The packaging isn't wow beautiful in my opinion. It's very simple black  with pink text. Although I like that they put their logo on the top of the mascara, lid part. The wand is a large plastic bristle brush and I found it was very stiff. I didn't really like using it. 

The application and results: I found this a hard mascara to use. I don't think it's fast, I found that I had to really work with it to get a result I liked from this mascara. I also found it very messy. I have noticed a lot of black spots of my mascara over my eye lids from applying this, which I haven't noticed from a mascara in a long time. This mascara is good if you do want very black eye lashes and I haven't found it to be flakey. However it doesn't really add any length at all, my lashes slightly clumped together causing it not to look like I have less lashes. I would say it's good if you want an intense black mascara, it does kind of make my eye lashes look thicker so I guess it's meeting the thick part. 

Overall, I found this to be too messy and too much hard work. For £10 I wouldn't buy this mascara again. There are definitely better drug store mascaras than this one, in my opinion! 

Have you tried this mascara? What were your results like?

see you soon, han x
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Thursday 26 March 2015

MAC Vegas Volt

MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick Review and Swatches
MAC Vegas Volt Lipstick Review and Swatches

I wish I loved Vegas Volt!
Give me a purple shade and I will work it! But this shade is just such a stand out shade that I haven't yet found out whether I like it. I think I need to just pair it with it a nice makeup look and outfit and then i'll love it, if that makes sense. It's definitely a Summer shade!

Vegas Volt is definitely a bright red coral shade on my skin tone. My cousin who is slightly tanned looked gorgeous wearing this shade, it really suited her. It's an amplified creme finish so it's super creamy (no dry lips) and super pigmented! I find when I was testing this shade out the other day that it lasted at least 2 and half hours without needing a touch up, which I think was quite good. 

I'm definitely going to try and make this shade work in the summer!!
What do you think to this shade?

see you soon, han x
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Tips for healthy hair

Hey guys! today I thought I would share with you my top tips for keeping your hair fresh and healthy.

1, Always use heat protection spray, I never used to and yet I still used straighteners, curlers and hair dyers all of which are really bad for your hair. I started using heat defence spray and I saw a difference straight away. I think its best to use a higher quality spray because it is really important as most people do use heated products on their hair everyday. 

2, Get regular cuts. I was so bad at getting regular cuts and it got to a point where I had to get a lot of my hair cut off because my ends got so bad! Especially if you want to grow your hair and have healthy long hair, it really makes a difference.

3. try not to dye it as much. I am naturally really dark, and when I was younger I never used to dye my hair, it was in really good condition, I was even asked to be a hair model for hairdressers because its so rare for someone to have not dyed their hair multiple times. But then I started to want to try more colours, and it got to a stage where my hair colour got to so many different colours it looked awful! I went back to my natural colour and have sworn to myself  not to dye my hair for a really long time. Because I have such dark hair, I found I would get frustrated because no colour really made an impact. Unless of course you went to the hairdressers and spend loads, even then they would use bleach which is really bad for your hair. But after a while I realised that having dark hair isn't such a bad thing. Getting older most people cant pull off really dark hair, it just doesn't look good with age so all of us dark haired people should embrace and love our hair colours while we can. (bit depressing I know ;))

4. Use serums or balms for the ends of your hair. I use the loreal Elvive extraordinary oil. You can really feel a difference with your ends and it  leaves your hair looking healthy and shiny,

5, And finally try not to wash your hair everyday! I heard this everywhere, and really didn't like the idea of not having clean fresh hair everyday. I was bad and used to wash everyday but then I got lazy and decided to give it a go! I now wash my hair every other day, I cant leave it much longer because I really don't like the greasy feeling. I know I should try and do it for longer and I will try it I just like fresh, clean hair its like my OCD haha! let me know what you guys think to this?

What are your hair tips? I would love to hear them

See you soon, Em x

Wednesday 25 March 2015

Hey guys! 
Today's Wednesday WAMO challenge we picked is to win a Miracle Morning Time gift set from Space NK and it starts today! With a value of £55 and is exclusively only stocked online, the set comes with: Bamboo muslin cloths, Aurelia's Miracle Cleanser (120ml),  Aurelia's signature blend tea in a pink and gold mug and saucer! 

We picked this as our favourite challenge this week because we had never heard of Aurelia's skin care range and thought it would be something we'd like to try. Plus if you were to win but didn't like the cleanser, you would still be getting a really cute tea cup and saucer with some tea to try out!

Let us know what you think of this prize or whether you have the app! Other challenges WAMO are running this week are: Win a £50 voucher for Zara (started on the 24th) Win a foundation stick from Bobbi Brown (starts on the 26th), Win a £50 voucher for MAC (starts on the 28th) and many others.. 

speak soon, em & han x
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Monday 23 March 2015

KIKO - Luminous Chrome Metallic Lipstick in 705
Recently my sister visited Leeds and saw that there was a KIKO store, so she kindly when and bought me to lipsticks that she thought were pretty. I was left waiting ages to see what she was going to return with. I originally asked for some eyeshadows but she didn't want to get me some in case I didn't like the shade so therefore wasn't wasting money as she doesn't really wear eyeshadows. 

So she picked me up this Luminous Chrome Metallic Lipstick in 705 (Pastel Pink), which cost £6.90 which is well priced compared to MAC lipsticks and considering how pretty the packaging is.

The lipstick: Is really creamy in texture and glides lovely on the lips. It is a lovely pastel pink with a nice shine. It's really moisturising on the lips! I don't love the finish it gives though, it reminds me of a MAC frost finish lipstick. It lasts a good few hours though!

The packaging: Honestly when I first got this lipstick it took me ages to work out how to open it (I didn't even notice the instructions on the box packaging). To get into this lipstick you have to push the top down and then pull it from the bottom, which I kind of like due to lid never really falling off.  The outer packaging aka the grey/silver part is slightly holographic which I think is pretty and is attached to the lipstick lid. The lipstick its self is haha kiko imprinted onto it which I thought was cute. Along with having a super cute metallic pink bottom. This is definitely one of my favourite designed lipsticks. 

I don't know how I feel about the Luminous Chrome Metallic, but I would definitely want to try the Velvet Mat - Satin lipsticks they do or the Luscious Cream lipstick which both have same design packaging to this just different colours. 

What do you guys think? Have you tried any KIKO products? 

see you soon, han x

Sunday 22 March 2015

Our Girly Night In...

It's been awhile since we last did a post together, so we thought it was about time! We recently had a night in together, so we thought we would share with you what we got up too:

1. catch up: We hardly see each other at university due to only sharing one module together, so a little catch up was necessary (even though we text each other pretty much every day). Literally we talked about boys, friends, dogs, pretty little liars etc...

2. try out each others products: When we spend time together it doesn't matter who's house one of us is likely to try the other persons things.  This time was no different Emily got to try out the lumea precision plus (hair removal system)!

3. face masks: Me and Hannah love trying out face masks. So we used the the origins out of trouble face mask. It was my first time using it and I really liked it. You can really feel it working. It's super nice to have a good pamper session on a girls night in.

4. food & drink: We have both been on diets lately, so we just went all out and had takeaway, wine and Oreos! fattening but soooo good!

5. TV/Films/Youtube: We watched the voice first! Then went up to bed later on and watched some YouTube videos and finished the night with a really bad film! Which had like a 1 star rating, but was quite funny to watch as it had really bad acting!

what do you do for your girly nights in?

see you soon, em & han x

Saturday 21 March 2015

BADgal Lash Vs They're Real Vs Roller Lash

Today I thought I would do a comparison post of 3 of Benefit's current mascaras and their effect on my eyelashes (basically a mini review of each)...

Friday 20 March 2015

MAC Shy Girl

 So today.. it's all about Shy Girl...
This isn't a lipstick that I really go to much. There's no real reason: I think it's an okay shade, I like it. I think if I wore it more I would definitely like it more than I do now. It's just I go through phases and now i'm currently obsessed with fleshpot (future post).

Anyhow, MAC describe it as a coral beige and I definitely agree that on my skin tone it is that! It's a cremesheen finish which means it's nice and creamy in texture and I don't find drying on my lips. It lasts between 3-4 hours and when applied gives a really nice colour coverage on the lips. 

What do you think? Would you buy this shade? 

see you soon, han x
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Thursday 19 March 2015

Benefit Review

Hey guys, sorry you haven't heard from me in a while. I have been ill for about a week and then my dog, George was really ill but I am back now, and I wanted to talk about the make up brand Benefit.

Benefit was the first brand of expensive make-up I bought, and  I was hooked. I loved having expensive make-up and seeing what difference some product do make from the cheaper brands. But now I have tried many other make-up brands, I would say Benefit is one of my least favourites: which is weird as I was literally obsessed with them. Dont get me wrong I will always swear by the hoola bronzer, and I do like their foundation. But when I got a mini set of different products from Benefit, I realized I wasn't as much as a fan, as I thought I was.

Lets starts with what I  do like! I have already mentioned the hoola bronzer and the foundation are really good. I also like the porefessional. I use these on a regular basis. The mascara and eye-shadows are also good products. The mascara does what it says and does make a difference to your eyelashes and the eye-shadows are really pigmented, which make them look great on.
.  I will always have some benefit products which I think I will always love. And that's the great thing about Benefit, I think there is always one product that will be a favourite for everyone. However some of them are just not as good as I expected.

The main products I was disappointed with was, theyre real push up liner, which I was annoyed with, because I was looking forward to trying it out. When I used it, I found it really hard to put on. It kept breaking and then when I put it on, it kept missing out and really was harder to put on then it should of been. I have used cheaper brands which do a better job.

Second are the highlighters, all of them are like a cream. which I find really hard to use because when you put them on your cheek bones, it leaves like a streak down your face, where it has smudged your make-up. I may not be putting it on right but that is what always seems to happen. However they do look nice on the  brow bones.

In the mini set I purchased, Boi-ing concealer really did disappoint, However I do think this is because of the small quantity. but it is really hard to put on, and doesn't really look like it has made a difference to my face.

This is just my opinion, I am not trying to slate the Benefit brand, as you know I do enjoy some of their products.
What do you guys think to Benefit?

See you soon, Em x

Wednesday 18 March 2015


Hello guys,
Today for our wednesday wamo we decided to pick the £50 voucher for Miss Selfridge as our favourite challenge this week.. as there is always room to add to your wardrobe! So here is are a few items we would consider using the voucher if we were to win...

em's picks:
1. Bleached shredded jeans- £40
I love Miss Selfidge, especially there jeans. they are a great fit, and look really good on. I think these are so nice, I am loving ripped jeans at the minute, also now it is coming to spring I think these would look great with a nice vest top for when it gets warmer.

2.Slinky rib midi dress-£25.00
Now it is getting warming, midi dresses will look great, especially this one. It is really cute and looks like it would complement the body nicely. Put a nice chunky necklace one, with some cute sandals and a leather jacket, I think would make a great outfit.

3.Ochre bardot dress- £15.00
I know this is a bright dress, but I love yellow, I think it is a really complimenting colour. And as you all should know by now, I love bodycon dresses. This would look so nice on a night out with some black chunky heels.

4.khaki floral wrap shell top -£25.00
And finally is this gorgeous crop top! This would look so nice with either the jeans, leggings or even a nice skirt or skort. I think this is really cute, would really make an outfit stand out.

han's picks:
I am always looking at jackets and think this would would be super versatile. It would pretty much go with any outfit and suit everyone.

I love the style of this! It's long enough to cover your bum so perfect to wear with leggings. Also is high neck which I really like. It would be perfect paired with leggings and a black leather jacket and the boots mentioned below. 

I really like these boots! They have a heel which is perfect for me as I'm really short. I also love the cut out detail and the buckle! 

I think this is so cute! I love the shade of the blue and the like paisley/floral imprint detail. It would look super nice paired with some smart black trousers or a nice skirt for like a date look. Also I think peplum style tops are really flattering. 

So there our picks, what would you guys pick? If you are interested in entering this then download the app and enter the challenge! It begins on 19th of March. If you are not interested in this one they are also running: a chance to win a Michael Kors purse (running now), £50 gift card for American Apparel (20th), Bare Minerals beach eye shadow (21st) + many more...

see you soon, em & han x
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Saturday 14 March 2015

L'Oreal Inflallible 24H-Matte Foundation

So last weekend I picked up this foundation from L'Oreal, based on a review that I had read which said great things about it, and I thought I want to try! So since sunday I have been trying out this foundation and I have been loving it. 

The product: They call it a high coverage foundation which I think its more medium because some places on my skin needed a little bit more coverage.. but saying that it's definitely buildable. They say its a medium texture which I agree with. It's not heavy or cakey on the skin when applying/applied. They say it's meant to last 24 hours, although I haven't worn it for this long to know. However I did a good 8 hours wearing it without any touch ups and was left impressed by how long it lasted without needing a powder touch up. 

The packaging: This is a tube style packaging which I really like, reminds me of my mac studio sculpt. The packaging is also a nice matte finish which I think makes it look fancier. Also love the fact that on the packaging L'Oreal have done labelling about the texture, the coverage and finish, wish more foundations did this! (Basically say what finish the foundation gives, the texture (light, medium, heavy and the coverage: light, medium, high). Another great thing about the packaging is that you can control more how much product you get due to the nozzle feature.    

My pros:
  • Easy to get hold of: available at Superdrug, Boots and other places e.g. feel unique
  • The packaging is great in my opinion!
  • Matches my skin great: I picked up shade 10 - Porcelain 
  • Reasonable Pricing: Currently £6.99 in Boots and £7.99 in Superdrug 
  • The finish: I love the matte finish 

  • There's only 6 shades stocked that I'm aware of so may be hard to find a shade to suit you. 

Overall I am a massive fan and think I prefer this to my l'oreal true match foundation, meaning that this is currently my go to drugstore foundation. Let me know what yours is? love to know for future purchases hehe..

see you soon, han x
ps: please ignore how bad I look in the first picture, especially my brows..  

Friday 13 March 2015

MAC Riot House

Recently I visited the Cosmetics Company Store in York which sells discounted high end makeup. So when I spotted this lipstick for £11.75, I knew I was going to buy it... (ps it's not mentioned on my mac lipstick collection post)

So Riot House is a limited edition lipstick by Kelly Osbourne, which means it's sadly not stocked by MAC. BUT if you have any stores like the above mentioned you may find it or online searching. Riot House is bright peachy orange in a matte finish which means it lasts a good length of time on the lips although it is slightly drying. For the picture I have toned down the colour a lot by not applying so much as it's a very pigmented shade.

What do you guys think to it?

see you soon, han x
ps: do you enjoy these posts?

My Top 8 Perfumes Currently...

I thought I would share with you a few of my perfume loves today... just a heads up: this is a really lengthy post!

 Prada - Candy
The perfume description: Is a lively and colourful fragrance with a real pop. Top notes of care free caramel, blended with base notes of vanilla and benzoin. It's the perfect fragrance for classy girls, bursting with life and passion.

My thoughts/comments:
My mum and dad brought me this perfume back after a holiday. I had asked for Candy L'Eau (light pink version), however picked up this one due to the advise from the saleswoman. LuckilyI like the scent of this one too. To me the packaging isn't as great as the daisy dream or anything, but I do like the design with the black, gold and pink. It still looks pretty sat on my dresser. Although it feels odd: with it not having a lid like the others. The scent is really sweet smelling but not sickly sweet which people may find viva la juicy to be. 

If I were to rate this perfume I would give it 9/10 probably would not repurchase this one but the buy the other one mentioned above.

bad me from searching up about this perfume online I now want the shower gel due to the packaging. is anyone else a sucker for packaging?

Thursday 12 March 2015

Mothers day, Gift Ideas

Hey guys, so today I thought it would be nice to give some mothers day gift ideas. I have chosen some really cute gifts I think most mums will love.

Flowers- What girl doesn't like flowers? especially mums!. Flowers are a great gift for mothers day, its tradition, and you can find some great bargains with companies like, Moonpig and where they will send the flowers on mothers day and you will also get a free card.

Candles-Yankie candles are a great candle brand, they come in a huge range of different smells, and do cute little gift sets like the one above for special occasions. All mums love a candle, and they aren't that expensive either which is always a plus.

Personalised wooden star- Personalised gifts make a great mothers day present. It is unique, shows love and also is such a cute idea.. It can turn a gift into a special keep sake and a lovely memory.

Chocolates- chocolates is always a great gift for any occasion!. These are currently on offer in Tesco, there are on sale for £6.00 reduced down from £11.00 which is a great bargain!

Bath and body care- And finally bath and body care is again always a nice gift and there is always cute gift sets that make a lovely gift.

I hope you have enjoyed this post. I would love to hear your mothers day gift ideas.

See you soon, Em x

Wednesday 11 March 2015


Today's Wednesday WAMO we picked is: win a fragrance of your choice from Fragrance Direct which is currently running now till the 14th of March. We thought this would be perfect as han has a post going up about 8 of her current faves going up soon on our blog. So here are our choices if we were to win..

I would choose to win this fragrance because it is currently on my wish list. I first smelt it when I was in a lecture with a friend, I asked what she had on because it smelt so nice and she replied Marc Jabobs, ever since then I have wanted it. It is a fresh, sweet smell and which  from what I  have smelt, lasts a long time.

Hannah's Pick: Si by Giorgio Armani
I would hands down go for Giorgio Armani's Si perfume! I have been wanting this for months and months, definitely asking for it for my birthday. I always spray it on myself when near a perfume counter and I currently have it on whilst I type this. It smells so girly and sweet (it may be the vanilla). Although the bottle is just simple and classic I still think it's pretty.

What would you pick if you were to win? 

see you soon, han & em x
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Sunday 8 March 2015

MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balms

Hey guys.. today I thought I would share with you my opinions of the MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balms aka tinted lip balm that I got from my MUA order the other week.

As you may have seen from my post about the whipped velvet lips I was left slightly disappointed. However these I am definitely happy with. There is currently six shades to pick from all retailing at £2 each. I picked up three in the shades Pink Lilly (very light tinted pink), Peach Dream (peachy pink) and French Violet (purple shade). But there is also Coral Reef, Rouge Rumba and Cherry Bomb.  

Reasons I like:
Firstly, the price. For £2 you can't really go wrong especially if you've never tried a tinted lip balm before so unsure whether you like them. 
The packaging of these are nice enough. Simple plastic, the lid is stable enough so can go straight in your bag (mine are anyway)
The product is really nice to apply and has a nice sweet scent. They actually give you a nice tint with a sheen that you can see on your lips, especially French Violet. 

Reasons to dislike:
The tint doesn't last ages but nothing a touch up can't sort out!

Overall, I am really happy with these and think I will wear them quite a lot during spring. They will be nice to wear when I don't want to wear a lipstick but do want some colour on my lips. What do you guys think? Would you buy these?

see you soon, han x

Saturday 7 March 2015

Love Tanya book review

So I have wanted this book for ages, but never actually got round to buying it. But now I finally have it I want to recommend it so highly to you guys. 
I don't know about you, but I am terrible at actually sticking to reading a full book,When I first buy it I tend to read them for like the first couple off days but then get bored.
 but with this, there  is such a variety of content it really does keep you hooked. It varies from Beauty , nail and hair advice to relationship and starting a YouTube advice, there is also recipes and a bit of a biography as well.

This book really does have it all. I have taken a pictures of one of the recipes I am excited to try down below, but there is plenty more in there as well. It was only £7.00 from ASDA and it is definitely worth the money I am really enjoying it :)

what do you guys think to this book?, or Let me know any of your favourite books to read, 
See you soon, Em x

Friday 6 March 2015


If you read our Wednesday WAMO bits you would know that we received some lovely pieces from Lush from WAMO: including the honey trap lip balm, think pink bath bomb, dirty massage bar, karma bubble bar and dark angels cleanser. So here's out thoughts from trying these...

Three words to describe this lip balm.. Oh my god! It is actually the best lip balm, I have ever used. The smell is amazing. I could literally smell it all day and it lasts for so long. I would recommend this 100% to anyone. Definitely check it out! It is my new favourite product from Lush.- em 

I loved using this bath bomb. I think it's one of the cutest ones lush do (although their bunny one for easter is really cute too). It turned my boring bath water into a lovely pink and had floating confetti hearts which is such a cute touch. I really like the scent of this (vanilla). Definitely would pick this up again for £2.65. (ps look out for our instagram to see effect of this will be up later in the week).- han 

I really like moisturises and massager's so I was really excited to try this. the pros are, it smells amazing, when I used this, I smelt so good and the scent did last a really long time, but what I didn't like was it went on really roughly and it didn't really soak into the skin as quickly as I would like. I still enjoyed this product and will continue to use it because I really like the smell, its almost like a perfume its that strong, I just wouldn't use it for the use it is meant to portray. - em 

As soon as I picked up the karma bubble bar I could tell that the scent was orange, however I was unsure whether I liked it at first but then I began to warm to the scent. To use this you hold it near the running tap water and it begins to dissolve forming great bubbles. I only used half because my bath would of been overloaded with bubbles had I used the whole thing. It also gave a lovely subtle orange tint. This isn't my fave bubble bar but would pick it up again. It costs £3.25. -han 

This product was the one I was most looking forward to trying. I love any product for my face and skin. It is very messy to use. and my face looked horrendous, like I have just come out of a fire or something but when I washed it off my face felt amazing! so clean and fresh I am excited to use it more to see more viable results but first impressions are really good! -em 

Their our views on these lovely lush products. Thanks again to WAMO for sending us these. Remember you could have a chance of winning some Lush Goodies. All you have to do is download the app (free) and enter the challenge (add items to a list). Let us know what you think of these items.. 
see you soon, em & han x

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Wednesday 4 March 2015


This week our WAMO wednesday is slightly different. This week WAMO is running a Lush challenge which is to win the Little Ro's Flowers Gift Set which is worth £29.95. This set includes 6 items: Ro's Argan Body Conditioner, Tender is the night Massage Bar, Rose Jam Shower Gel, Vanilla Dee-Lite Body Lotion, Honey I Washed The Kids Soap and Gorgeous Moisturiser.

Tuesday 3 March 2015

My Everyday Makeup

Hey guys, today I am sharing my everyday make-up look. 

1, So I first start with the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer I normally put this under my eyes, around my nose area and on any spots of blemishes. 

2, Then I go on to use Rimmel Match Perfect Foundation, and afterwards if there is any angry spots that are still not covered I use the concealer again.

3,, Powder is next and I use the Rimmel London Lasting Finish, I brush this all over my face and again attention more detail to any spots or blemishes.
4, I then use bronzer, I love the way bronzer brightens up the face and the Benefit Hoola really does that, I normally start with my cheek bones, then just brush over my face slightly to give the tanned look.
5, Then I use the blusher from Estee Lauder in Pure colour in pink kiss satin

6, Now it is the brows, so I start with the Rimmel Brow This Way Styling Gel and sweep it all over my brows, I then leave it to dry and will go back to it with my brow palette to finish them off.

7. For my eyes, I start with the No7 Stay Perfect Eyeshadow Trio, It gives such a cute neutral look

8, depending on my mood, I either place the Estee Lauder pure color intense kajal eyeliner on the top or bottom of my eye, or sometimes both!

9, I finish my eye look with the Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volume Mascara

10. And finally to finish my brows off I use the Barry M Brow Kit to fill in and define the brow (please excuse the messy packaging my dog thought it would be fun to chew it!).

I hope you enjoyed this post. I would love to hear your current everyday make-up favourites.

See you soon, Em x

Lord and Berry Intensity Lipsticks
Oh shocker I have a post about lipsticks again: I am definitely going through a lipstick phase right now sorry guys. BUT.. I just found my new lipstick loves! Lord & Berry have done good with their intensity lipsticks!  

The price, the packaging, the product:
These all retail for round about £12 and you can get these from all over the internet. I bought mine from both look fantastic and Amazon. But know they are stocked in Sally's in the UK (£9.99 each plus 3 for 2 currently online). I definitely suggest that if you are going to buy some of these look round because sometimes you can get these for like £8 something when there are sales. 
The packaging is nice and simple like a glossy black plastic with lord and berry printed on, it's like a normal lipstick and doesn't have any weird way to get the lipstick out. 
The product texture wise is really creamy to apply and pigmentation of these are really good. They remind me of MAC Amplified Creme but creamier and gives the same sort of finish on the lips. They last at least 4 hours I find without needing a touch up. 

From left to right the lipsticks:
1. Glazed pink: this is a dusty pink shade! Perfect for everyday wear.. probably my favourite!
2. Chiffon: This is a deep nude/brown shade. Which I think would look so nice with the perfect makeup. I thought this shade would be too much for me but actually looks so nice on and is workable.
3. Peach Gleam: this is a peachy/orange shade. Unlike the others I found this to be a bit bitty when applied, maybe due to it having shimmer. 
4. Mauvette: This shade is so stunning its definitely that mauve shade (pink and purple). This is definitely my second favourite and it's just stunning in my eyes haha.  

Although they don't have such a wide range as MAC does for colour choice for a couple of £'s cheaper I would definitely think of getting these.I can't recommend these enough. I would 100% buy these again.. What do you guys think? Have you / Would you try them?

see you soon, han x
ps: I bought chiffon, peach gleam and glazed pink from look fantastic as a set and got all of them for £11 (but was near christmas) so definitely search around you may find yourself with a bargain.

Sunday 1 March 2015

Estée Lauder lipstick

Pure colour, shade 86 Tiger eye shimmer, Rouge

Hey guys, so today I wanted to share with you my current favourite everyday lipstick. This is such a great day wear because it goes on really easy, like a lip-gloss but with a more colour tone too it. Its  great because you don't need to spend ages applying it which is a bonus for everyday wear. Also the colour is so pretty! it has a lovely pink tone with a little sparkle too it. 

I would recommend this highly! You should definitely try it out, I cant get enough of it :)

I would love to hear what current favourite lipstick is, 

see you soon, Em x

Urban Decay Perversion Mascara

I have fallen in love with this Mascara since I got as part of my christmas present from my naked on the run palette - mentioned here. It's the Urban Decay Perversion mascara with the tag line 'bigger bolder and badder', which I have the travel size version but there is also a bigger version. 

The packaging and the brush:
The packaging is simple it's a metallic grey tube with purple wording on it. I think it really nice and not really much else to say about it. 
The brush is a twisted trim bristle brush that grabs and separated the lashes, especially bottom lashes I find. 

The product and results:
This mascara isn't clumpy when I use it and the formula isn't too sticky/wet so lashes don't clump together. I find that this mascara really lifts,lengthens and curls my eyelashes whilst separating them. My eyelashes also look fuller and doesn't flake off during the day. You can build up the mascara to make your lashes darker without it looking clumpy (as i've done in the picture). It gets all my bottom lashes nicely and gives them great length a colour too. 

I will honestly be really gutted when this mascara runs out and would definitely 100% consider purchasing the bigger version for £17.50. This has definitely been one of my favourite mascaras in ages. I love the natural fuller look that the mascara gives me which isn't justified from the picture. 
Have you tried this mascara before? Would you?

see you soon, han x