Saturday 14 March 2015

L'Oreal Inflallible 24H-Matte Foundation

So last weekend I picked up this foundation from L'Oreal, based on a review that I had read which said great things about it, and I thought I want to try! So since sunday I have been trying out this foundation and I have been loving it. 

The product: They call it a high coverage foundation which I think its more medium because some places on my skin needed a little bit more coverage.. but saying that it's definitely buildable. They say its a medium texture which I agree with. It's not heavy or cakey on the skin when applying/applied. They say it's meant to last 24 hours, although I haven't worn it for this long to know. However I did a good 8 hours wearing it without any touch ups and was left impressed by how long it lasted without needing a powder touch up. 

The packaging: This is a tube style packaging which I really like, reminds me of my mac studio sculpt. The packaging is also a nice matte finish which I think makes it look fancier. Also love the fact that on the packaging L'Oreal have done labelling about the texture, the coverage and finish, wish more foundations did this! (Basically say what finish the foundation gives, the texture (light, medium, heavy and the coverage: light, medium, high). Another great thing about the packaging is that you can control more how much product you get due to the nozzle feature.    

My pros:
  • Easy to get hold of: available at Superdrug, Boots and other places e.g. feel unique
  • The packaging is great in my opinion!
  • Matches my skin great: I picked up shade 10 - Porcelain 
  • Reasonable Pricing: Currently £6.99 in Boots and £7.99 in Superdrug 
  • The finish: I love the matte finish 

  • There's only 6 shades stocked that I'm aware of so may be hard to find a shade to suit you. 

Overall I am a massive fan and think I prefer this to my l'oreal true match foundation, meaning that this is currently my go to drugstore foundation. Let me know what yours is? love to know for future purchases hehe..

see you soon, han x
ps: please ignore how bad I look in the first picture, especially my brows..  


  1. been wanting to pick this up for a while now but the shade choice is so poor!! xx

  2. I have read great reviews about this foundation, but my skin is on the dry side, so i don't think it will look nice on me, which is shame!

  3. Lovely post :)
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