Thursday 19 March 2015

Benefit Review

Hey guys, sorry you haven't heard from me in a while. I have been ill for about a week and then my dog, George was really ill but I am back now, and I wanted to talk about the make up brand Benefit.

Benefit was the first brand of expensive make-up I bought, and  I was hooked. I loved having expensive make-up and seeing what difference some product do make from the cheaper brands. But now I have tried many other make-up brands, I would say Benefit is one of my least favourites: which is weird as I was literally obsessed with them. Dont get me wrong I will always swear by the hoola bronzer, and I do like their foundation. But when I got a mini set of different products from Benefit, I realized I wasn't as much as a fan, as I thought I was.

Lets starts with what I  do like! I have already mentioned the hoola bronzer and the foundation are really good. I also like the porefessional. I use these on a regular basis. The mascara and eye-shadows are also good products. The mascara does what it says and does make a difference to your eyelashes and the eye-shadows are really pigmented, which make them look great on.
.  I will always have some benefit products which I think I will always love. And that's the great thing about Benefit, I think there is always one product that will be a favourite for everyone. However some of them are just not as good as I expected.

The main products I was disappointed with was, theyre real push up liner, which I was annoyed with, because I was looking forward to trying it out. When I used it, I found it really hard to put on. It kept breaking and then when I put it on, it kept missing out and really was harder to put on then it should of been. I have used cheaper brands which do a better job.

Second are the highlighters, all of them are like a cream. which I find really hard to use because when you put them on your cheek bones, it leaves like a streak down your face, where it has smudged your make-up. I may not be putting it on right but that is what always seems to happen. However they do look nice on the  brow bones.

In the mini set I purchased, Boi-ing concealer really did disappoint, However I do think this is because of the small quantity. but it is really hard to put on, and doesn't really look like it has made a difference to my face.

This is just my opinion, I am not trying to slate the Benefit brand, as you know I do enjoy some of their products.
What do you guys think to Benefit?

See you soon, Em x

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