Monday 30 March 2015

Look Fantastic March Box

I always browse beauty boxes with my sister every now and then debating whether or not I should finally buy myself one. So finally I took the plunge and thought why not try out the Look Fantastic Box for March for £15 including delivery. I can't remember how much they said the box was worth though as April's is now up for preorder. 

I was semi-excited by receiving this. I'm a massive fan of the Tangle Teezer and think I will continue with them in the future still however the benefit of this one is that I can use it with heat and not worry about it melting the bristles. 

2.  Bliss FatGirlSlim
This didn't really excite me to receive this. It's not something that I would necessarily pick up for myself. It's meant to make skin look and feel firmer so i'll definitely try this out to see if I think this. 

3. Cowshed Lippy Cow Lip Balm 
I'm not going to say a lot about this other than it's a 5ml Lip balm, as I think emily's doing a post about this soon or mentioning it soon. It's handy though!

This again isn't something I really I need yet in my life, so I have kindly given this serum to my mum to try out! However, some boxes didn't come with this and came with a NUXE sample, which I know emily got. 

I have just been getting back into wearing eye liner pencils to make my top lash look thicker so this definitely came at a great time to try out. 

This is the most exciting product in the box, it is gorgeous. You receive the colour Gilt which is a gold colour which is perfect for me and will definitely get used. I'm thinking about reviewing this further, so look out for that in the future. 

Do you think it was worth £15? Would you buy this box or which box should I try next?

see you soon, han x


  1. I've seen so many boxes being reviewed lately and just don't know which one to get? I really want to try out a Wet Brush, they are supposed to be great!! :)


  2. Yes, it sounds like you got a lot of good products :) I can't recommend a service box, I haven't tried one yet!

  3. This looks alot better than most beauty boxes honestly!! xo