Tuesday 3 March 2015

Lord and Berry Intensity Lipsticks


Oh shocker I have a post about lipsticks again: I am definitely going through a lipstick phase right now sorry guys. BUT.. I just found my new lipstick loves! Lord & Berry have done good with their intensity lipsticks!  

The price, the packaging, the product:
These all retail for round about £12 and you can get these from all over the internet. I bought mine from both look fantastic and Amazon. But know they are stocked in Sally's in the UK (£9.99 each plus 3 for 2 currently online). I definitely suggest that if you are going to buy some of these look round because sometimes you can get these for like £8 something when there are sales. 
The packaging is nice and simple like a glossy black plastic with lord and berry printed on, it's like a normal lipstick and doesn't have any weird way to get the lipstick out. 
The product texture wise is really creamy to apply and pigmentation of these are really good. They remind me of MAC Amplified Creme but creamier and gives the same sort of finish on the lips. They last at least 4 hours I find without needing a touch up. 

From left to right the lipsticks:
1. Glazed pink: this is a dusty pink shade! Perfect for everyday wear.. probably my favourite!
2. Chiffon: This is a deep nude/brown shade. Which I think would look so nice with the perfect makeup. I thought this shade would be too much for me but actually looks so nice on and is workable.
3. Peach Gleam: this is a peachy/orange shade. Unlike the others I found this to be a bit bitty when applied, maybe due to it having shimmer. 
4. Mauvette: This shade is so stunning its definitely that mauve shade (pink and purple). This is definitely my second favourite and it's just stunning in my eyes haha.  

Although they don't have such a wide range as MAC does for colour choice for a couple of £'s cheaper I would definitely think of getting these.I can't recommend these enough. I would 100% buy these again.. What do you guys think? Have you / Would you try them?

see you soon, han x
ps: I bought chiffon, peach gleam and glazed pink from look fantastic as a set and got all of them for £11 (but was near christmas) so definitely search around you may find yourself with a bargain.


  1. I keep seeing this brand pop up while I'm browsing the makeup up on ASOS, I must try them as all these shades are gorgeous!

    allthatshimmers.co.uk xo

    1. I definitely would recommend! I was really surprised x

  2. All beautiful shades


  3. Mauvette looks amazing on you :) The packaging looks very similar to Bobbi brown

  4. Those look awesome! I will have to try them! The packaging is great, too! Keep up the great work!

    IG @dressdynamicdallas


  5. These are such gorgeous colours! Will definitely have to make a purchase, thank you x


    1. Let me know if you do purchase any of them! Thanks for reading x

  6. Those are some nice looking neutrals that I would mind trying. Nice post and blog!

    IG: beautyshowoff

    1. I would 10000% recommend these! Thank you xx

  7. The colours are very beautiful :)
    Lovely, Sylvie :)
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  8. Love this! Your blog is awesome, love it! Em x Shop Thrifting