Monday 15 June 2015

We're Going Away...

only for a holiday though!
We decided to book a last minute deal like a week back now, so we thought we would just keep you updated. Hannah has set up a few posts (3) to go up this week but apologies about the first two photo qualities in the posts these will be replaced when we are back.

So we have a question for you - would you like to see pictures / posts from our holiday? e.g. outfit posts, a review of hotel, or just the experience in general. We would love to know your opinion!

And we will see you soon aka in a week, em & han xo


  1. Of course I'd like to see blog posts and pictures from your holiday! Where are you going? Hope you both have a great time x

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  3. I'd love to hear about your holiday when you get back! Have fun xx

    I tagged you to do the Love/Hate tag on my blog :) You don't have to do it but I thought I'd let you know x