Sunday 5 July 2015

Taking a stroll

Ever since coming back from Turkey.. I feel like i've been in a rut ever since I came back and really don't know what to do with myself. I'm literally so bored all the time and I end up sleeping for like the whole afternoon.. so bored of wasting time/summer. However I want to change all that I want to get back into doing what I love and that is creating blog posts for you guys! I have really slacked for the last two weeks but I am going to get back on it... I promise. 

Now i've said all that... the point of this post. Well I don't know if there was really any point to this post.. just thought I would share with you my pictures from where I live. Me and my friend decided we needed to escape our houses and go somewhere... and ended up taking a stroll both sides of the bridge you can see in the picture. 

Anyway sorry about this pointless blog! There will be more exciting ones coming soon... 

see you soon, han xo

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