Sunday 5 July 2015

Adorable Dog

Hey guys! so today is going to be different to my other posts,  I wanted to share some of my favourite pictures of my dog George. he is literally my baby! and he is nearly 1 year old! its gone so quick. He was so tiny as a baby the first two pictures are when he was really young! (He was sooo cute) and the other photos are what he looks like now, he has just had his hair cut so he has been all pampered and groomed. 

I am such an animal lover I also own a cat named Alfie.  George is a cross between a Shih Zhu and a Lhasa Apso.

I hope you enjoy these pictures. let me know if any of you have pets? if so you will understand my love for them. I think a pet brings so much joy and happiness to a home.

See you soon Em xo.


  1. omg this is the cutest doggie!!! I am a huge dog lover! So this is just... to cute!
    love your blog

    1. I know he is such a cutie! And me too I love all dogs xx

  2. I totally agree they are such great company and loving animals xx

  3. Oh my he is so cute :) just a ball of fluff, he must be great to cuddle