Sunday 28 December 2014

sunday story - moving house

How moving house helped me in the long run...

When I was in Year 7, I was told that we would be moving up north from my hometown Norwich. This terrified me.. I was scared I wasn't going to make friends. I really didn't want my life to change. 

So to begin with I found out that my dad wanted to move us up north due to his working condition and at the age of like 12 I wasn't really taking it all in.. I think I just pretended it wasn't going to happen. We went up north a couple of times and looked at a variety of houses and then my parents finally made the decision and bought one.  

schools... My mum made me look around some schools. The first school I looked at I knew I wouldn't go there. It was trashy and I can remember this thought really clearly... what if I slip on rubbish down the stairs when there is a fire alarm and hurt myself. I honestly don't know why I thought this maybe because my parents are in health and safety.. who knows. So I told my mum no, I'm not off there its not happening. Then I visited a second and loved it! It was right for me, it was small, tidy and staff were friendly and organised. My mum asked me if i wanted to visit anymore and I was like no i'm going there. But at this point it still hadn't hit me that it was for real.

It came round to saying finally goodbyes to people and it still wasn't hitting me. Until one meal which my best friend beth (from primary school) and my neighbours (whom were like family) were all together and then it hit me that a change was going to come.  I think we left a couple of days after that and I literally cried all the nights leading up to it, in the car on the way there and where we were staying until our house was completely ready. if you've read our uni experience post you'll know that change makes me nervous. 

After all our stuff had been moved in, I definitely stopped the crying. I began to appreciate what we now had. I went from having a small room to now having a room with a bathroom and my sister moved from her box room to a great sized room. (actually thinking about its she's had like 3 different rooms as her bedroom in this new house). We had guest bedrooms, we just had space and were getting a lot more from moving up north for our money as we compared it with homes back in Norwich. Its so great as it still mean't there is plenty of space for people to visit and I also had the space to invite more of my friends round which I couldn't in Norwich. 

After a week if that it was time for me to start the school I picked and honestly if you ask anyone from my year you will know that I didn't speak to anyone for weeks. One of my best friends Steph (whom has been one my friend for like 8 years now) literally had to have an awkward lunch with me because I just didn't talk.. I think we literally sat there in silence for a good 10 minutes. But it didn't take me long to fit in at all. Everyone was so welcoming and I made so many friends at school. I went from hating secondary school in Norwich and feeling friendless although I had a few (one girl made a bebo page saying we will miss hannah which I found a few years ago.. which is sweet). And pretty much missing days off to loving it due to the people and the atmosphere. I honestly think I wouldn't of done half as well if I was still in Norwich as i'm doing now in regards to studying and the grades I'm achieving. 

Honestly, if it wasn't for the move I may not have the great friends that I have now or a potential idea for my future, I probably wouldn't of met em! So my advise is try to think positive about the change.  I know that it may not be the case for everyone that the change is going to be for the best but you'll never know until it happens what to expect. I really think that I need to be more accepting of change because in the end it can be ok. I hope you like this post!

see you soon, han x 

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