Wednesday, 3 December 2014

november favourites - han edition

Welcome to my november favourites. I thought I would share we you 8 products that I have been loving throughout november. 

This is a shower jelly from Lush. Now this is a controversial product for me to include as I do love it but I do have a slight issue with it. I love the scent and that is the main reason it's included in my favourites plus I have been using it every shower of november. I think theres going to be a review of this soon, so once it's up I will link it up.

2.  Primark Scarf
Oh my god I love this so much... It's so warm. It's like a blanket and it was only £6. I have seen a range of these in various Primarks and I am definitely tempted to buy another. Oh and did I mention it's reversible with a black and white print the other side making it easier for me to coordinate with my outfits.

3. Primark Perfume - He loves Me
Ok I picked this up because I love to have a selection of perfumes on my side as I think perfume bottles are so pretty. So when I saw this for £6 I was like I need to have. I love the scent and the packaging and again I sense another review going up soon maybe.

4. MAC Lipstick - Cyber
I've been loving lipstick in general in november as I gained like I would say at least 5 new ones maybe more. But my particular fav for this month has been Cyber (purple shade). I like to wear it very muted down but still enough to give me that purple lip. It's been great for the autumn/wintery vibe.

5. Savlon
Now this may be a weird fav of mine but honestly it's been helping my skin so much a long with drinking more water. I like to put this on my spots before I go to bed and when I wake up I tend to notice a difference whether it be in size of spot or redness.

6. Seventeen CC Cream
I have been adoring wearing this. I tend to use this CC cream rather than foundation along with a powder on top if I'm going out all day. I definitely think this will remain in my favourites for quite awhile until I find something to replace it. The main reason i'm a massive fan it that it does have a great coverage which I personally want in products.

7. Rimmel London Lip Liner - Snob
Now I was never really into lip pencils until recent months when they have become more talked about.  I love this shade and I wear it when I'm after a natural lip. I will sometimes wear this with a lipstick and just outline my lips. Other times I wear this all over (those days I tend to use a lip balm as well as). I'm now a converted fan of the lip pencils.

8. Barry M - Matte Coat
For me november was all about having a matte nails (whereas december is all about the glitter).  When I did bother painting my nails throughout november they would ever only be matte white or matte black so it was quite fitting that this was included in my favourites.

That's 8 products that I was loving throughout november let me know about yours in the comments or on twitter. I might even get round to buying them myself.

see you soon, han x

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  1. I really want to start getting into lip liners and that Rimmel one looks perfect for every day use, will have to check it out! :)

    Elle x
    Notes of Petranella