Tuesday 23 December 2014

Primark Perfume - He Loves Me

I bought this beauty way back in october I think now and i'm gonna say it I am a fan! I love perfumes.   Honestly, perfume bottles are so pretty in my eyes. I like to collect. So when I heard about primark stocking them I had to check it out and for £6 it was a true bargain!

Obviously the perfume bottle isn't the most expensive fancy packaging ever but I am really happy with it. I think its so super cute and I'm in love with the daisy packaging detail (this may be because I love daises though).  I'm also a fan of the name of it... again I thinks it's super cute. Thumbs up for primark!

The scent is lovely I personally think! Again i'm really happy with it. It's a light floral scent. I love to wear it during the day and keep it in my handbag as it's not too big but maybe I should really pick up the rollerball instead. I am a definite fan! 

The only downfall about this product in my eyes is that it doesn't last very long on the skin (it might just be on me and that I don't notice it as much). However saying that I really don't mind due to the price I paid.  Oh and maybe the fact I can't see how much is left but thats nothing major.  

I would definitely recommend this to anyone! Actually I now really want to go to Primark and buy some more I want to hunt down the black version of this so bad. Let me know your thoughts

see you soon, han x

1 comment:

  1. Sounds really nice!
    I do not live near a primark store but I will pick it up next time I go.
    If its still available ofcourse :)

    I like it when a product ( low budget) suprices you and becomes something you truly love!