Thursday 5 June 2014

university tips..

Following our post about our university experience we thought we would share with you a few tips both before and whilst you are at university:

1. Make sure the degree you pick is the right choice for you!
Ok so you may not know if it is for you until you start... but make sure you fully research before hand, attend opening days and speak to other students so it gives you a good idea on what to expect. If it's not the right course speak to your university they may let you swap if you find out early enough. 

2.  Join your university freshers page, course page, & accommodation!
This is honestly the best way to meet people before starting university. It is especially useful if you are nervous about meeting other people and making friends. 

3. Try and go to as many freshers events as possible!

There's no doubt that you'll university will be holding a freshers week so try and go to as many as you possibly can. The week is a great way to meet loads of people, make friends and have fun! 

4. If it's not for you it's ok to drop out!

If you are finding that you hate university and that it's not for you or wrong course its ok to drop out.  We know people who found it didn't live up to their expectations or just didn't like it and that dropping out was the best thing they did. You'll not get judged.

5. Socialise! 
Using the other above tips will really help with this one! Socialise whether you can seminars, in your flat, lectures, nights out etc. It will make making friends and your experience so much better. 

6. Remember everyone's in the same position!
If like us you thought it would be difficult to make friends, don't worry you will! Or if like us you are nervous, don't worry your not the only one! Remember all freshers are in the same position, it's a new experience for everyone (unless they are doing first year again)

5. Join a society 
Societies are a fun way to take time out from studying to do something you like.  They also give you the opportunity to make new friends. So make sure you check out your university society fair or Facebook pages. 

6. Attend Seminars!
This may sound obvious but we found that quite a few people didn't turn up to our seminars. They are a great way to clear things up talked about in lectures or what you may be confused with. Ps you may call these something else like workshops. 

7. Do the reading and prepare work!

This also sounds obvious but you don't want to be caught out by the tutor for not knowing what they are talking about.  They can pick on you so have think of something to say.

8. Do the non assessed essays!
They may seem pointless but its great practice for when you come to your main one as they offer good feedback. 

9. Revise and plan ahead!
Ok so come january and may you'll start having deadlines and exams, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to revise or type up your essays. You don't want to leave them till last minute and panic... ps they do offer you another chance but remember it will only be a pass. 

10. Enjoy your time and work hard!
Most importantly make sure you balance having fun and work at university! You don't want to miss out on either factor of the experience whether socialising with friends or getting the grades you deserve. 

So there's some tips for you guys, hope somebody finds them useful haha. If you want to read more our previous post you can by clicking here.  And as always if you have any questions or ideas leave them in the comments below or tweet us @emilyhan1394 

Peace out!
han & em x

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