Monday 2 June 2014

One Direction

On Saturday 31st May, I went to go see one direction at Etihad stadium in Manchester. It was literally the best experience!, I would recommend anyone who is a one direction fan to go, its so surreal seeing such a famous boy band just metres from you.
Harry is my fave! as you can tell,  most of the pictures above feature him. But saying that, all of them are so talented and gorgeous!

What I would say is that anyone who is going to an upcoming concert or is thinking of purchasing tickets for their next tour then, you need to make sure you get there early if you want standing tickets. I was in the blue zone, standing. I got there at about dinner time, round about 12 o'clock, but if I was to do it again I would of chosen to be about an hour or two earlier, although I did get a good place as you can see, I would of preferred to have been right at the front.
Secondly don't bring too much food, we brought a cooler bag, thinking we were being smart so that we didn't have to spend too much money, when we was there however, food, drinks, cooler bags, chairs, anything like that is not allowed in the actual stadium you can have them while queuing but bring food in disposable bags because it is very difficult to leave the queue as there is so many people, and also the queue keeps moving to make more room for oncoming people which could mean that you loose your place.
and finally were light clothing, because there is so many people, even if it is a really cold day it is unbelievably hot when the concert is taking place, especially because the tour dates are mainly in summer time, I would definitely recommend to wear shorts, dresses ect.

Apart from that I had the most amazing time, I will definitely be going again.
is anyone going to an upcoming concert? ill be happy to answer any queries you have. Or if anyone has already been, I would love to hear about your experience.

Peace out, Em!

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