Friday 20 June 2014

Simple Skin Care review

So I saw that Han published the Simple cleansing lotion in her mini haul the other day because she always uses mine so I wanted to write a review on my three favourite products from the Simple range.

To start I bought all of these from ASDA when they were on offer for 3 for £6 however they are available also online and from shops such as Boots. Since I bought these they have become part of my daily skin care routine ever since along with Benefit facial wash to remove my makeup.

Step 1. Simple kind to skin purifying cleansing lotion-  I use this after washing my makeup off. I really like this as it like a cream and its not too greasy on the skin when applied.

Step 2. Simple soothing facial toner- I then use the toner following step 1. It really refreshes the face and leaves my skin feeling very clean and cleansed.

Step 3. Simple hydrating moisturiser- I then finish with the moisturiser. It finishes the routine really nicely. It leaves my face feeling cleansed and also when dry leaves the skin feeling soft.

I love these products, I am definitely not looking back as my skin has improved and I hardly get any spots. It's a nice way to finish my day as it make your skin feel amazing and hydrated. I would definitely recommend these products. Let me know in the comments or on twitter (@emilyhan1394) about you're skin care routine and what products you use or about your thoughts on these. I would love to hear as I love to try out new products and find out how other people find these products.
See you soon, Em

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