Saturday 6 December 2014

Lush Sweetie Pie Review

Lush Sweetie Pie

First off I would like to apologise for the state of the packaging. It's beginning to wear as it's kept in my shower and water has got to it. Now back to the point.. every time I use this product I always think  i'm going to review this, so today is the day!

What is Sweetie Pie?
Sweetie Pie is one of Lush's shower jellies (body wash in a jelly form). Lush say that 'if a bar of soap and a bottle of shower gel had a steamy affair, this would be the resulting jelly, baby'. Which I agree with completely. This particular shower jelly has scents including cherries, bergamot, blackcurrant, coconut along with carrageenan extracts and a bit of sparkle. You can find out more about the ingredients and what they do on the Lush website (link below). Anyway now you know what it is onto my opinions....

  • The scent is amazing in my personal opinion. I love that once I get out the shower I smell of blackcurrants although I wouldn't normally go for this scent (it came in a lush gift set I got for my birthday as to the reason I own this hehe).
  • The packaging is good enough for me. It's nice and simple has the ingredients, when to use by, how to use etc which is always handy!
  • It can be used for your hair and scalp as well due to the seaweed gel this is according to the tip but I have never tried it myself. Please let me know if I'm interpreting the tip correctly and it definitely is this you can use for your hair not another product. I can't imagine using it on my hair but I would give it a go!
  • Easy to get your hands on. You can either pick it up this product from Lush stores or online for £6.95 

  • I'm not much of a fan of the price. I think £6.95 if a bit over the top for some body wash but that may be because I like a good offer on products I buy. It's good to get in their gift sets though which I am a massive fan of.
  • Now my main bug with this product is that it's so slippery! (I find). I'll be using it fine and then it just slips out of my hand and once this happens it's bound to do it at least 2 more times after but this is easy to get over.

Overall, I personally wouldn't buy it again as I would rather by their shower gels (especially their snow fairy christmas edition) as they are easier to use. But other than that and the price there's nothing else I can find wrong with it. If you are interested in trying out this product then click here for more info. As always guys let me know your thoughts or what else I should try from lush either in the comments or @emilyhan194

see you soon, han x 


  1. I am a big fan of Lush products, however, I do agree with you regarding the price, which I find too high as well. Thank you for sharing your thoughts though :)

    Aniqa Dreams

  2. Definitely agree with the fact that it's expensive and not the easiest to use. Great post though!!