Wednesday 3 December 2014

Ciate Advent Calander

Ciate Advent Calendar

Christmas is here yey!!!

Christmas is my favourite time of year, I always get extremely excited when the 1st December comes along. Firstly because of advent calenders! they are just so much fun, whether its just chocolate or beauty ones, it is a great way of counting down the days. Secondly it means that Christmas is officially here, the tree goes up, decorations are out and everywhere is just so pretty and cute, I love it!..

Anyway this advent calender was a gift from my boyfriend ( I was so excited when he gave me it!) I am obsessed with nail varnish, no matter where I go I always seem to come back with a new nail varnish so now I get to have one every day of this month( Excited face)!

I have opened three up to now and I love all of the colours, you also get a full sized one on the 24th December.
Ciate are a good nail varnish brand and they do have really pretty colours, I am currently wearing the snow globe colour (number one of the advent calender) I like how sparkly it is. It would compliment any top coat colour if you would prefer to do that way.
This would make a great gift for next year for all the extra early organised Christmas shoppers ha-ha

I do really like this advent calender and I am enjoying counting down the days with it. It is my favourite one to date and I would definitely recommend!

Let me know if anyone has any beauty advent calenders,I would love to hear what you think

see you soon, Em x

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  1. Great post, I've only heard of the topshop nail varnish calendar, but im glad ciate makes one too!