Sunday, 21 December 2014

A few things from Debenhams

I'm late on the bandwagon with these products I know but I just wanted to share with you guys that I finally have them. The other day I went into one of my local Debenhams stores and I was shocked to see Urban Decay. I couldn't control my excitement that there was finally something other than the normal estee lauder, benefit etc around my area, so I gave in and bought a product. 

Yes I picked up naked palette two (£37). I already own the first one and thought it was only right that I collect the palettes in order. I am now wanting to go back just so I can buy there new highlighter which looks beautiful. I think i'll be buying it in January as i'll have some money off... yay!

The second thing I picked up with of course Benefit's they're real mascara (£19.50). I simply bought this on a whim. I had no real reason for wanting this but i'm definitely excited to give this a go. I want to see if the hype around this is worth it.

So that's the few things I got from debenhams this time round. Leave me links/comments on your thoughts on these products I would love to read them.

see you soon, han x

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