Wednesday 25 February 2015


This is such a good prize/challenge. It just had to be our favourite challenge of the week. This week we chose the benefit custom makeup kit.. which retails for £66 four items plus a makeup bag. Definitely worth getting if you are a Benefit Fan!

So the first lot of items you can pick from are for complexion and you pick from:
The porefessional, Hello oxygen wow, The porefessional: agent zero shine, Big easy, That gal, Hello flawless 

The second lot of items which you pick one from are for cheeks, these include:
Dandelion, Watt's Up, Majorette, Fine-One-One, Lollitint, Posietint, Benetint, Hoola, Rockateur 

The third item you pick one from is for eyes and you can pick:
They're Real Mascara, They're Real Push Up Liner, Gimme Brow, Fake Up, Boi-Ing, Bad Gal Lash Mascara, Erase Past, High Brow, Ooh la lift

Lastly you pick a free gift from the following:
Creaseless Cream Shadow (pick from a few shades), Longwear Powder Shadow (pick from a variety of shades), Ultra Push Lip Gloss (range of shades), Lollibalm, Chachabalm, Posiebalm, Benebam 

Em's Picks:
Firstly I picked Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow This is one of my favourite foundations. I used to wear it all the time! It looks really nice on and lasts for ages.
Secondly...Hoola Bronnzer: This product is amazing! I love it, It looks great on and really gives a nice tanned look. I have yet to find a better bronzer then this.
Thirdly, Gimme Brow:As you know I love  my brow products. I havent tried this one yet, so I would definitely give it a try. I really like gel brow products because it keeps them in place and gives the brow a more defined look.
Lastly but not least...New Longwear Powder ShadowI like trying new beauty products, so I would give this a try, I think Benefit eye-shadows  are really nice, so I am sure  this wouldn't disappoint.

Han's Pick:
First I would pick up the porefessional: agent zero shine as I'm really intrigued to find out whether it does work. Plus I could do with a powder to control my shiny face.
Secondly I would pick the fine-one-one again this wouldn't be a product I'd necessarily go buy from Benefit but would definitely like to try. Plus I have a couple of the other products.
Thirdly, I'd pick they're real push up liner because this wouldn't be a product I would buy normally but If it spending a voucher I would consider getting it to try out. I know its an either love it or hate it product.
Lastly, I picked the creaseless cream shadow as I love cream shadows but I would really struggle to pick a shade. I'm thinking either skinny jeans or always a bridesmaid.

Let us know what you would pick? or Who's picks you prefer? This challenge will be starting on the 26th so don't miss it..

see you soon, em & han x

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  1. I would pick Han's selection. I would love to try the gel liner :-)

  2. I would pick Em's selection. I could use every single one of them and want to try that foundation and the gel brow. I would love to get these in my hands!