Saturday 28 February 2015


Me and em have already put up a post about these up, awhile back - here. So I am trying to keep today's post about these palettes very short (hopefully). I wanted to do a post mainly about swatches to hopefully help you guys decide which palette you would prefer to buy, so hope you enjoy it...

The first set of swatches are all the shades from the original naked palette. Briefly, virgin (shimmered ivory, good for highlighting under brow), sin (shimmered pink/champagne), naked (matte nude), side car (shimmered brown with silver), buck (matte brown), half baked (shimmered yellow gold), smog (copper tint brown), dark horse (dark brown with silver shimmer), toasted (rose gold shimmer shade), hustle (dark brown with pink shimmer), creep (black with silver shimmer) and gun metal (grey with metallic blue shimmer).

Naked Palette 2 shades: foxy (cream matte), half baked (yellow gold shimmer), bootycall (ivory shimmer), chopper (copper shimmer with silver glitter), tease (matte muted brown with purple tone), snake bite (dark brown bronze), suspect (pale gold beige shimmer), pistol (silver grey shimmer, verve (oyster shimmer), ydk (cool bronze), busted (deep brown shimmer), blackout (matte black).

Now that's the shades done.. i'll move on to the packaging.. 
The original naked palette has a velvet exterior which if kept like mine is prone to get messy and fading. Although I like the concept of the velvet it doesn't age well, unless you keep it completely pristine which I didn't. Naked 2 on the other hand is much more sturdy and seals better. It is slightly heavier but feels better quality in my opinion. 

With the Naked original you get a single brush, where as with the second you get a double ended brush... But this factor doesn't really make a difference to me. I'll use whatever eyeshadow brush I want to anyway. What about you?

Overall... My winner is definitely Naked 2! I love the shades more from this palette and the packaging more... But who's your winner? Let me know what you think to this versus post and whether you would like to see more and what you would like to see compared! 

see you soon, han x


  1. I love the Naked 2 palette! Definitely #2 :)

    Great post!

    Nikoleta, xoxo.

  2. I love the original naked palette, it has more warm tones which suit my skin tone better :) and mine came with a double ended brush!

    Klaudia x

  3. I love the colours in both palettes and even though Naked 1 has slightly better colours I got the 2 purely for it's packaging. I'm travelling quite a bit at the moment and could not even think about how awfully the Naked 1 would travel. The brush that comes with the 2 is pretty amazing too.

    Rachael at

  4. I prefer the Naked 2 because of its rose gold and purpley tones

  5. Why not both? Naked 2 looks nicer here but I prefer the darkest shade of the naked 1 palette.


  6. I have and love the Naked 2 Palette, I really loved that you showed each shade on the lid though it was really a unique way to see a palette swatched!

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