Friday 27 February 2015

MUA Whipped Velvet Lips

I am such a fan of MUA products so I was super excited to pick up the Whipped Velvet Lips. I don't really know how to describe these as they aren't a lip gloss as they don't give a glossy finish but coverage is similar to a gloss (in my opinion) maybe like a semi finish velvet lip lacquer.

 I mainly got these because the colours online looked super pretty. I ended up picking up Rocco (Pale Pink), Hedonic (Baby Pink) and ChiChi (Orange/Coral shade). They also do Spry (Nude/Brown) and Ritzy (Bright Pink).  Now the colours look great in the packaging but on the lips I was very much disappointed. I thought they would give amazing coverage maybe I should of read 'subtle pop of colour' before buying. Hedonic and rococo are very sheer in coverage I found but ChiChi I adore. 

  • The price! These are retailed at £3 so can't really complain about that really and they are easy to get hold of in the UK via Superdrug or MUA online.
  • I am such a fan of the texture. They are so soft and smooth on the lips.. just lovely. However it does feel like the colour will smudge if you rub lips together.
  • The have a subtle smell.. which is bearable so thats a good thing, in my opinion.
  • Chi Chi is amazing for the colour, enough said.
  • The packaging i'm a fan of nice and simple & most importantly not cheesy . 

  • Sheer coverage as mentioned above. They need a lot of building up in my opinion to get the colour achieved in pictures.. if you can even notice from the pictures.
  • They are not tasty.. yeah I got some on my teeth and licked it, bad move. 
  • They cling on to dry bits of your lips, so you really need to exfoliate your lips before being worn. 
  • When applying they are kind of like streaky and don't last long on lips (apart from chichi) however they might be better worn with lip pencil.

Overall.. I'm really happy with Chichi and would definitely recommend it! But as for the other two, they really let me down.. I don't think I would buy anymore of these but I can imagine the other two being stronger in coverage like Chichi... What do you think?

see you soon, han x
buy here: superdrug or mua


  1. Shame about the other two, but Chichi does look lovely!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  2. Chichi was my favourite to be honest so I am so happy with the review

  3. i've not seen these around yet, but they give a lovely subtle colour! It's a shame they don't last for too long x

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who wasn't chuffed with these!

    I got ritzy and was like. Why did I buy this?!

    Great review!

    ♥ Fran - xx