Saturday 10 January 2015

What i'm currently doing to keep fit & healthy

What I do to keep healthy

Hey guys,so today I wanted to share my diet tips with you because the most common new years 
resolution is to loose weight, start the gym and eat more healthy.  However it is so hard to stick with it.. so I wanted to share with you my diet tips, and how I try and keep fit and healthy.

I am not a big exercise person! I have bought all of the celebs DVDs. Joined the gym but I have never stuck with them. Then my boyfriend introduced me to Insanity. Its by an american who does a high intensive work out sessions. Straight away I was hesitant. I do not like exercise as it is.. so why would I want to do an extreme workout? but I thought I would give it a go! So we started early on the 27th of  December because I was feeling huge over the Christmas period (I started eating loads a bit too  early!)

I am amazed that I am still doing it. I don't know if its because I am more determined this time, or its the power of the  DVD but I do like the way it pushes you. It also encourages you to take breaks when you need it. You do not have to do the full intensity, you can work yourself up which I like because you can go at your own pace however if you do want to push yourself then its a great motivational DVD. I am not going to lie to you.. it is extremely hard work! You come off sweating and literally your muscles ache like hell afterwards but then you know its working right!  ;)

After I have done Insanity.. I like to have a Protein World Shake or sometimes I have it before a workout. Protein World, is a health supplements company which sells: protein, tablets all things to aid in weight loss really. The slender blend protein powder is the one I have in the flavour Vanilla. It is so yummy! I really enjoy them, and you can mix all sorts with them, I have made a peanut butter shake, and also a strawberry and banana shake but they have lots of recipes on the website. They give you a free Shake, and also a diet plan when you buy the protein, there diet plan is basically have a shake in the morning, a healthy lunch then a shake before bed. I did the diet before but now I am just drinking them after workouts as they are really good too have before or after workouts.

I am not officially on a diet I am just eating more healthy. I don't like to say I am officially on a diet because then as soon as I say that chocolate cravings are all I can think about! So I kind of trick myself into it. For breakfast I would either have a, slim fast or protein world shake ( they are so yummy) then for lunch Salad or Jacket potato something filling because I get hungry in-between lunch and Dinner! Then I would have some fruit and for dinner, chicken and veg, stir fry, quinoa is really nice I have only just started eating it and I am addicted. I am literally having it with everything.
I would also recommend Weight Watchers. I  have used weight watchers a lot of times.. I did loose a lot of weight with them. Its a really easy diet plan and you always feel full, you can still even eat chocolate (the main reason why I joined!) and you don't feel like your on a diet.

And finally walking! Since getting a dog I have walk everyday. I am really enjoying it. I did like walking before I got him but now it is a lot more enjoyable and you are also exercising whilst doing it. Having a dog is great motivation for dooing the slightest 

I hope you founds these tips useful, I would love to hear any of yours tips?

See you soon, Em x


  1. Personally I love going to the gym so that's never been a problem for me! It's mainly finding the time to go that is my main issue with working out. I suppose that's a perk of Insanity - you can do it from home! I much prefer Chocolate to Vanilla protein shakes - they taste more like you're treating yourself
    Megan x

  2. I used to love going to the gym also, over the summer I was totally committed but then uni came along again and I found it so hard to push myself to go. So I wanted a workout which really did push me but what I can also do at home, which is why I started Insanity. And I like the Chocolate slim fast shake rather than vanilla in that brand but I find that the protein world shake in the vanilla flavour tastes like white chocolate which is my fave! ha-ha Thanks for reading and sharing your comment xxx