Monday 11 July 2016

My All Time Favorite Nudes

Hey guys,

So today I wanted to share my fave nudes with you. I personally love a nude lip! I think it can really pull your makeup together. I generally go for a matte and darker toned nude because 1) it suits my skin colour and 2) I love matte lipstick!! 

So to begin with number 1 is Loreal Paris Colour Richie 640 Erotique, I loveeeee this colour, it has a matte finish but also isn't too drying on the lips. It lasts but not as much as the much as a more expensive lipstick.  This is a brown nude with a hint of orange in the colour. 

second is of course the trusty Mac Velvet Teddy. I stopped wearing this for quite a while and completely forgot how amazing it is. when i rediscovered it from clearing my makeup i instantly fell back in love with this colour, It just has such a matte finish and the colour is so flattering and really compliments my skin tone. I find this lipstick to last all day I even sometimes find it hard to get it off. 

third is a more peachy toned nude, it is from Ted Baker and came in a set which i got for Christmas. (unfortunately i do not think this can be sold separately but i will Link the set i got it in).this is definitely more of a creme finish but I love this because it is such a pretty nude. I like to wear this more in summer and with a natural makeup look. I sometimes like to pair this with a more darker nude If i want to convert to a night time look and also to add a bit of a matte finish.

And finally is my favourite by far..... Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Bond girl. This is the best nude I have come across, and is my go to lip especially on nights out. It has a very matte finish but also not too drying it lasts all night ( i remember once i only reapplied once and it still was on when i got home). It also comes in a pretty rose gold packaging what more could a girl want!

 I would definitely recommend this nude for the people who like a brown nude, that can be worn day and night and is very matte. I will definitely be trying more Charlotte Tilbury Matte lipsticks out.

So thats it all my fave nudes! hope you enjoyed this post it felt good getting back into blogging and you will for sure here from us again soon.

See you soon, Em x

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