Sunday, 5 April 2015

Our day at the beach

Flying dog!
Hey guys!
The other day, when it was actually nice and bright for once, we decided to take a little road trip to a local beach: for a nice catch up and a dog walk for George. It was even warm enough for em to take off her coat, which is shocking for England at the moment with the wind at the moment. It was a super cute and different thing for us to do rather than going window shopping. Plus it had another benefit.. easy exercise! Hopefully next time we go it will be much warmer and we'll get a nice ice cream or fish & chips..

Do you ever go on random day trips? & What do you do where you are?

See you soon, em and han xo


  1. Your dog is so, so cute! Lovely photos :)

    Carolyn x
    Carolyn’s Simple Life

  2. I was surprised how warm it was up north today! Looks like you both had a lovely time and that doggy is adorable!

  3. Great photos !

  4. Your day trip looks lovely, I love to go to a little town near the city but I would love to go to the beach :)