Wednesday 7 January 2015

WAMO Wednesday: Win Nic's Collection (Real Techniques)

Welcome to our first WAMO wednesday!
We have been given the opportunity to work with the WAMO app.
We are both users of the wamo app and have it downloaded on our phones.. (user name em_hanxo) and we thought we would share with you guys one of our favourite apps by creating WAMO Wednesday. WAMO Wednesday is going to be a weekly post where we share with you guys our favourite WAMO challenge of the week.

What is WAMO?
WAMO is an app that you can download onto your phone that provides you a chance with winning one of their challenges. Which hannah was lucky enough to win one as mentioned in the mac haul post here.

How to stand a chance in winning?
1. Download the app onto your phone
2. Create your profile (make sure to put something in your profile)
3. Click on challenges and then click the one you are interested in and create a list
4. Create a list by either adding pictures from your gallery or camera of the products that relate to the challenge e.g. if you enter the Boohoo challenge put a picture some of their clothing up. 
5. Fill in the info about the product you've put up and either love, hate, want or need it. 
6. Add it to the relevant challenge list and you are done!
All the above may sound really confusing so be sure to check out the picture step below at the bottom

So we decided that these real technique brushes are what we would want to win most...
Let us know whether you've downloaded the app or what you think is the best challenge they are running this week..

see you soon, em & han x

*by doing these posts we are not receiving/winning any of their challenges or any free products! We are simply sharing with you a great way you can potentially win some amazing prizes.. all by simply making a list!

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