Wednesday 14 January 2015


If you missed our first post on wednesday WAMO be sure to go check it out so that this one can make complete sense to you (find it here). If you already have checked it out welcome to our WAMO wednesday post!

This week we have decided that the best running WAMO challenge is..... a £100 gift voucher for River Island!
 But don't leave it to late to enter as it ends on the 17th of Jan... So other than telling you about this challenge we also thought we would share with you guys what we would consider getting if we won the voucher!

Han's picks:

This reminds me of the one of the ones you can get from Ted Baker which I'm madly in love with. I would definitely consider picking this up if I won the voucher. I love the black with the gold tone metal and the clip fastening I think its super cute and would be a perfect bag to take when shopping!

As you can tell I would definitely consider buying some shoes! I really want to own a pair of heels that look like this. I think they are super sophisticated and at the minute I kinda have a thing for grey shoes. 

These heels are so pretty! I'm in love plus they are white leather which I'm obsessed with just recently got some white leather pumas but the only problem is these would be terrible to keep clean. 

These are gorgeous! I would definitely love to own these... I think they would look super cute paired with a pair of jeans and a nice simple white or grey top on a nice day trip out some where..

Emily's picks 

1. Black Wide Strap Bodycon dress - £35

This dress is gorgeous! I like the wide straps, and I am loving midi dresses at the minute as well, this definitely would be my first purchase!

2. Blacked, ripped knee skinny jeans -£35

I really like these jeans, they look so good and I think they really compliment jumpers, especially a black fur one I think would look great with these!

3.Black printed winged tote bag -£45
The River Island bags are always so gorgeous, but I have immediately fell in love with this one, It ill literally match any outfit, and it is so stylish I love it!

4.Cream woven mini skirt - £30

This is so cute! I love it, I think it would look great with a pair of black tights, boots and a jumper or  a long sleeved black top.

Let us know what you would get if you won £100 for River Island... & don't forget to let us know if you use the app!

see you soon em & han x

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  1. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award: xoxo