Monday 12 January 2015

Urban Decay Naked - ON THE RUN

So for christmas I was lucky enough to receive naked on the run! you've probably seen this about already in the blogging sphere. I was so excited about getting this as I'm a massive fan of urban decay products.. ok by products I mean there eyeshadows. 
Anyway... I'll get onto what I want to talk about hehe

First things First! This compact? contains an eyeliner, travel sized mascara, a full sized lipgloss, 6 eyeshadows with one being larger at the bottom and both a bronzer and a blusher. So this is a great compact to take travelling as it pretty much has all your makeup essentials in however.... it's not the lightest but I don't mind that. 

The eyeshadows:
all five smaller eyeshadows can be seen on top row of the left picture and i'll mention them from left to right. 
Dive - Is a frosted sparkly copper/rose colour which has great pigmentation. I'm wearing it on the right eye in the picture below all by it's self. 
Fix - Is a medium brown matte shade! great pigmentation again and also could be good for filling in eyebrows?.. possibly.
Resist - Golden brown/taupe colour with a slight sheen and again great pigmentation! Im wearing it on my left eye in the picture below
Dare- muted brown in a matte finish could be could for those who have dark eyebrows to fill in other than just an eyeshadow. I wore this shade on the corner of my eye in the picture below (eye on the left). 
Stun - is my favourite its got a such a good colour pay off. Its a chocolate brown with glitter.. its honestly gorgeous in my opinion.
5050 (3rd on the bottom in swatches picture) is a beige possible peach tone shade. Its good to use as a highlighter under the brow or in the corner of your eyes. 
I found that all of the eyeshadows latest a great length of time on my lid without a primer.. pretty much all day! apart from 5050. 

The bronzer & blusher:
the first two on the bottom row of the swatch picture & I have both on in the picture below
Bronzer- This is quite an orangey/brown bronzer on me so if I am wearing this I have to spend some time blending it! but that doesn't really bother me as I can work with it. 
Blusher- Is a bright medium pink and on my skin again I have to really blend it to reduce its dramatic colour pay off. 

The mascara:
wearing in below picture.
Oh my god.. I fell in love with the perversion mascara the first day I tried it! It separates all my lashes  and makes them super long! It's a great black.. I just can't fault it at the minute! Definitely would buy the full size. 

The eyeliner:
swatched in picture above and wearing it on the top of my lash line on the left eye.
The 24/7 glide on pencil in stag is definitely my favourite eye pencil that I own... not that I own many (not the greatest fan). This is a jet black and is super nice to work with.. definitely would consider trying out more of these in the future. 

This is the least loved product out of all of them for me. I'm not a major lipgloss fan but I do rate this 10/10 for packaging love it. I think I don't like this due to the slight smell it has and the shade isn't a usual one I would go for! It's called Sesso and it's pretty much the same shade as my natural lip colour pinky/plum wearing it below. It gives a good shine to the lips and it isn't sticky.. well I don't find it is so that wins point from me on that basis. 

Let me know what you think to all the products mentioned on this post and also I would love see see what you think about my swatches of the eyeshadows actually on my lids.. so I know for future reference...

see you soon, han x


  1. Always wanted to know how good this palette was.Thank you for the great review, it helped alot:)
    Eva x

  2. great in depth post! I've always been so set on the Naked palette that I haven't considered this one, but I might get this instead. would be really great if you could check out my fashion blog? :)


  3. I love everything about urban decay, this palette looks stunning- I am always one to appreciate nice packaging! I have heard so much about this, glad to hear you liked it xx

  4. I love Urban Decay and this palette is soo lush! Thanks for the review xx Yuki