Sunday 23 November 2014

MAC haul!


MAC Lipsticks by

Okay so recently I have managed to extend my MAC product collection by 8 lipsticks and 3 paint pots (woo) This was helpful due to fragrance direct now stocking MAC: here. Which I didn't even know they did! Until I was browsing for some lipsticks on their site and then spotted MAC. I think I refreshed the page many of times (I was in shock) and then once it settled in I literally messaged everybody to let them know. 

Back to the point of this post... From fragrance direct I picked up four lipsticks in the shades: cyber (my favourite at the moment), chatterbox, vegas volt and ravishing. These all cost £13.99 I believe. As well as those I also bought my little sister kinda sexy which cost £14.99 I think due to being a matte shade. 

So the paint pots I bought and the other 4 lipsticks all came from a MAC store in London. OMG this was such an issue for me. Basically, all MAC stores near me are department stores (key point).  I was lucky enough to win a £100 gift voucher through a WAMO competition (more info below) and I couldn't spend my voucher as it had to be a MAC store. Anyway I was beginning to think that I was never going to spend this voucher as I'm never near a MAC store but after a few weeks my cousin offered to spend my voucher for me YAY. I gave her a list which had the four lipsticks above on : please me, flamingo, sweet & sour and shy girl which are £15.50 each, arghhhh. A long with 3 pro longwear paint pots in: camel coat, painterly and bare study also £15.50. For any of you doing the maths she kindly put money towards the purchase in order to spend all of the voucher.

Overall, I'm really loving what I've got. I have had MAC lipsticks before so knew I would be thrilled with them and the paint pots I am just loving totally gone into my everyday look. So I would definitely recommend both these MAC products to anyone. Just a heads up if you are going to buy MAC products from Fragrance Direct just know they go out of stock so quickly!!!! I really wanted to get hold of mac velvet teddy but it went so fast and now I'm struggling with other shops too. I have been thinking about doing my MAC lipstick collection in a future post/series so as always guys let me know your thoughts on that and this post in the comments below or @emilyhan1394 

see you soon han x

PS: Just before I briefly mention WAMO. I would just like to state that I don't work for the brand or have any link to it other than I use the app for my own purposes and would honestly recommend it to everyone. Basically this is an APP that you can download from you app store on your phone, that run competitions everyday e.g. ASOS, Topshop etc. All it takes is you as the user is to enter the competition and make a list which is explained via the app. Then the rest is luck whether you win or not.  It's completely free and gives you something to do with your time. Let me know whether you already have the app or do download it and your thoughts because I would really love to hear from you guys. 


  1. I didn't know fragrance direct sold mac! That's made my day haha xx

  2. You've just made my day, I think I'll have to put in a Fragrance Direct order!
    Megan x

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  5. Lovely post, I intend to use my birthday money to have a good old MAC haul! Loving your blog girls, so unique that you blog together! :)xx

    Laura | Lala London: Beauty & Lifestyle