Tuesday 25 November 2014

Christmas Gift Guide Series: Gifts for Her under £15

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Welcome to the first of our christmas guide series 2014. We have decided to share with you some gifts that we think would be great to get for friends or family throughout the series. To start of this series we are bringing you 15 gift ideas all under £15 for her.

This soap and glory set would be great for a female in your life, whether friend or family member (or girlfriend for any guys out there). The set comes with 4 Soap and Glory products including: the righteous body butter (50ml), the clean on me shower gel (75ml), hand food hand cream (50ml) and the scrub of your life body scrub (50ml). Along with this you get a body polisher all for £10. 

This is a super cute simple daisy necklace that would be perfect for any girls that like a simplistic necklace. This necklace would be great to wear both day and night. If you are interested in this keeping checking New Look out as I have seen this on offer where you can buy one and get one free. However we are unsure whether this offer will return.

This is a gorgeous photo frame which would make such a personal christmas gift if you added a nice photograph to it before given. ASOS also does this in a range of sizes and colours. We personally love this style a long with the lilac version. 

We adore these ourself and really want them! These would be such a super gift as you can never really go wrong with pyjamas. Also, it would be lovely to give someone on christmas eve so that they can wake up on christmas day all festive. New Look currently have these stocked in all sizes (8-18) on their website. 

This would be good for any girl you know who loves a candle especially with a scent like pink lemonade (yum yum). 

These are a bargain. They are currently selling them at £12.99 on Amazon along with free delivery (saving £17 plus delivery).  They are the same design style as real techniques and they are super soft. Hannah has bought these for one of her friends and now wants them for herself. 

This is perfect for anyone who loves a bit of lip gloss or has a makeup addiction like us. Currently they are £10 on Look Fantastic saving 67% (whatever that is) a long with free delivery.  This set comes in 3 wearable shades Starlight, Enchantment and Icy Bronze. 

This gift is a bit of a cheat as it's currently under £15 in Debenhams... however it just goes over by 50p so not too bad. Now this is definitely perfect for any of the lipstick lovers out there like us! They pretty much have all the MAC lipstick shades in stock including Velvet Teddy. Which has proven for us  hard to find. So if you are after a MAC lipstick  as gift check out Debenhams!

You can currently save £1 on this gift set (woop de woop) which is great for all the nail varnish lovers out there. This set includes 4 nail varnishes which are usually £5 each so save yourself at least a tenner! You get the shades trillion taupe, asscher blue, pear purple and radiant pink as well as a 4 way buffer and a toe separator. 

This is a great girly phone case made for the iPhone 5. They also have another one on TK Maxx which has cute black bow. Definitely recommend checking these out if you are thinking of getting a phone case.  

This scarf is great as a christmas present as it's perfect for winter. You can get this in varies colours, such as pink, white&black, green and red. But we especially love the grey and pink version. 

This is perfect for any frozen fan especially if you like Olaf. This jumper is available in woman sizes 8-14 and costs £15 in total with delivery. 

This is not only great for the one direction fan but good for you bank account. You can pick up a 30ml bottle for just £12.75 or £15.95 if you want to get 50ml and free delivery. We personally think it's a nice smelling perfume. 

This makeup bag is gorgeous and would be a great gift for all those makeup lovers out there or all those people who have a worn out looking makeup bag. This is our personal favourite but they also have varies out £10 makeup bags on the site. 

 The last of the gifts in this series is this set from Benefit. Again this is another cheat gift as it's technically over £15 but has discount on it at the moment. In this set is a mini hola (bronzer) and dandelion (blusher). As well as their matching lip glosses. This again is great for all the makeup lovers or for someone who is just beginning with makeup.  

So that is everything in our under £15 pound gift guide for her. As always let us know your thoughts on the post in the comments or via twitter. We'll be back tomorrow with the next post in the christmas  gift guide series which is stocking gifts for him. 

see you soon han & em x

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