Thursday 21 July 2016

My Summer Makeup

When it comes to summer I don't like to put too much makeup so I tend to go for a more natural look. These products are my go to makeup, its simple quick and easy.

First I use the Loreal Cushion foundation, this is such a light foundation but also has surprisingly good coverage, I wouldn't say full coverage but it is much better then I thought. The finish gives a nice glowy look, perfect for the summer and also super lightweight. I will somtimes use a BB cream instead of foundation depending on my mood and also the weather. I like to wear this when I want to make very minimal effort but without looking too awful!. I love this BB cream.

Second is my absolute fave! the Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow  I got this a while ago for my 21st birthday because it is so expensive! its around £50... but the quality of the product is unreal. The bronzer is amazing and gives such a glowly look, perfect for the summer and also really good to contour with. The highlight... oh my god the highlight is perfection, so beautiful I honestly cant rave about this product anymore, not the mention the gorg rose gold packaging. perfect for summer to give a nice summery glow and also to add the more of a bronzed look. If I want a more matte bronze then I will use my Benefit Hoola instead, or sometimes I like to use Hoola first then go over that with the shimmery bronze so I have a more tanned look.

I love wearing blushers in summer the Love at First Blush by Soap and Glory  is my fave at the min. It gives such a rosey glow and a healthy highlight. Perfect finish for that glowy look.

I put my eyelash curler in because I am swearing by this product, Honestly I never used  eyelash curlers before but I saw Han buy one from Primark and she said it was really good so I thought Id give it a go..... well best purchase ever  and its was only £1.00, Bargain.

For my eyebrows I have been loving the new benefit products, especially the Goof Proof brow pencil. This product is so good for making the perfect brow! its great for drawing the outline and making them precise this is great for those who prefer a more defined brow because you can style them how you want. 

And finally is the best mascara... Maybeline Lash sensational, I got extra black because I like big defined lashes. I swear buy this product it really defines your lashes this is great combined with eyelash curlers I love it.

Em x

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