Friday 11 September 2015

Getting The Essentials September 2015 (Clothes Edition)

hey everyone, hope you all are ok! Today's post is a bit different from what I usually do as I don't normally talk about clothes i've bought. That's mainly because I only ever buy the odd piece and never enough to do like a haul post but anyways i'm sort of bringing you one of them today... 

So I said I was sort of bringing you a haul post and by that I am bringing you one but not really an exciting one as it's just like essential buys. Recently (ok over summer) i've managed to lose a bit of weight (a stone and a half) although it's not going from my boobs which is really annoying! like why don't shop include a range that has tops suited for people with big boobs? Anyway moving on from that issue and back to the point.. I had to get rid of a lot of my clothes which meant I had to go out and buy the essentials although I still don't have enough (clothes are so expensive.. eurgh).

So me being me and not wanting to spend loads on clothes that may not last because i'm still on my lose weight mission, I went into primark and grabbed a few bits and the likes of New Look and Select. 

Well.. I ended up spending a grand total of £50 in Primark which bought me two pairs of jeans which are definitely essentials in my wardrobe. I basically live in them. I bought the super stretch skinnys in mid-blue and indigo for £12 each. I got these instead of my usually topshop ones mainly due to the price and thought why not try these out. I've worn both pairs so far and found them both really comfortable and would definitely go back to get more.. really want to pick up some high waisted ones. 

Next up I just got a few tops from Primark.. I bought two ribbed turtle neck tops in like a burnt orange and one in black and these were £6 quid each. These are really nice to pair up with jeans and perfect for autumn and winter wear and layering. Then I bought another ribbed long sleeve top in black just to throw under any shirts I wear which cost me £4. Lastly I picked up a blue and white striped shirt which I had been after for like forever costing me only £10 and now I want to buy a few more of these, (ps i'll add a picture when it's been washed). 

My final two clothing purchases were the check shirt (as seen in the picture) which cost me £12 from Select was mean't to be £15 but was missing a button. I really want to get a few of these as I think they are great for the winter/autumn season and days at uni. And lastly, I picked myself up a leather jacket with removable fur from New Look. I literally grabbed this, tried it on and went straight to the till. I was like a woman on a mission. I had been after a leather jacket I liked for ages and really feel for this one. 

Ok.. thats everything I bought this time other than my new KIKO bronzer which will feature on the blog soon! Let me know what you wardrobe essentials are for autumn/winter...

see you soon, han xo


  1. Cool post. I haven't been to Primark for almost 3 years! It's nice to get lots of pieces from there without breaking the bank.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is getting me excited for Autumn/Winter shopping!

  3. These are really pretty! Can't wait for Autumn to start :)

  4. I LOVE primark! will be visiting to get some goodies for autumn! I love the leather jacket! thanks for sharing :)


  5. These are totally perfect picks. I love a good turtle neck or plaid shirt. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  6. Lovely haul, the leather jacket is gorgeous! xx
    Chasing Belle 23

  7. Loving the leather jacket, it's gorgeous! Leather jackets will never go out of style and I love it :) xo

  8. Lovely fashion haul! You can’t go wrong with Primark basics and I love that leather jacket, so chic! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog

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