Wednesday 2 September 2015

August Faves 2015

Hey lovelies, hope you are all well. It feels like I haven't blogged in what feels like forever and it's about time that I start getting back into the swing of things. Which means hopefully there will be at least another post from me later this week. Anyhow enough rambling on today I thought I would share with you my August faves.

So first up is Seventeen BB Balm.. I won't talk about this for long as I have already done a post dedicated to it. However saying that I found myself loving this and rarely using a foundation. I love that it gives me enough coverage without feeling heavy. Sadly, though I haven't found it to have improved my skin but my skin is a right pain in the bum, so as much as I would love to have seen an improvement it doesn't bother me too much. 

Right my next fave actually kind of goes along with my first and that is the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I love using this brush to apply foundations or BB Creams. I had completely neglected this brush until August and now I remember how much love I have for it. I also use this sometimes to blend my cream bronzer. Would definitely recommend trying this brush out.

Next up is a new love of mine and that is Essence Long Lasting Nude Lipstick in 03 Come Naturally. This is such a beautiful shade and I will be featuring in my go to makeup post which will be up within the next week or so. So if you fancy seeing it swatched or knowing more about it be sure to check it out. Definitely want to get my hands on more Essence nude lipsticks!

 I had also been loving painting my nails throughout August which you may have been able to tell from if you follow our Instagram, as you would have seen the gorgeous Lush Lilac shade from MUA already. Literally been loving this shade it's so pretty and adding a matte top coat to it has been my fave combo. For only £1 well worth picking up.  

Now i'm going to include my next two favourites together and that is the Amazon Makeup Brush (right in the image) and the Seventeen Instant Glow Cream Bronzer. I think both of these make contouring so much better! The cream bronzer is so lovely to blend especially using this brush. Don't really know what else to say about these two. 

For my final favourite this month is Face Masks! I have been trying to get myself into a better skin care routine and it's been going well so far (lets just hope I stick to it). Anyhow the three in the image are ones that I have been totally loving especially the Tea Tree one from The Body Shop. If you would like to know my thoughts on these three i'd happily do a post on these, just let me know. 

Now that's everything for this monthly favourites. I would love to hear what you loved throughout August.. 

see you soon, han xo
ps ps: know any good skincare products to reduce red skin?


  1. I really like that nail polish, it is so pretty! Some great picks for August x

  2. I love the seventeen bronzer! I picked the essence lipstick to last week and I absolutely love! Great post! xx