Thursday 26 March 2015

Tips for healthy hair

Hey guys! today I thought I would share with you my top tips for keeping your hair fresh and healthy.

1, Always use heat protection spray, I never used to and yet I still used straighteners, curlers and hair dyers all of which are really bad for your hair. I started using heat defence spray and I saw a difference straight away. I think its best to use a higher quality spray because it is really important as most people do use heated products on their hair everyday. 

2, Get regular cuts. I was so bad at getting regular cuts and it got to a point where I had to get a lot of my hair cut off because my ends got so bad! Especially if you want to grow your hair and have healthy long hair, it really makes a difference.

3. try not to dye it as much. I am naturally really dark, and when I was younger I never used to dye my hair, it was in really good condition, I was even asked to be a hair model for hairdressers because its so rare for someone to have not dyed their hair multiple times. But then I started to want to try more colours, and it got to a stage where my hair colour got to so many different colours it looked awful! I went back to my natural colour and have sworn to myself  not to dye my hair for a really long time. Because I have such dark hair, I found I would get frustrated because no colour really made an impact. Unless of course you went to the hairdressers and spend loads, even then they would use bleach which is really bad for your hair. But after a while I realised that having dark hair isn't such a bad thing. Getting older most people cant pull off really dark hair, it just doesn't look good with age so all of us dark haired people should embrace and love our hair colours while we can. (bit depressing I know ;))

4. Use serums or balms for the ends of your hair. I use the loreal Elvive extraordinary oil. You can really feel a difference with your ends and it  leaves your hair looking healthy and shiny,

5, And finally try not to wash your hair everyday! I heard this everywhere, and really didn't like the idea of not having clean fresh hair everyday. I was bad and used to wash everyday but then I got lazy and decided to give it a go! I now wash my hair every other day, I cant leave it much longer because I really don't like the greasy feeling. I know I should try and do it for longer and I will try it I just like fresh, clean hair its like my OCD haha! let me know what you guys think to this?

What are your hair tips? I would love to hear them

See you soon, Em x


  1. Great tips! I'm really bad about getting my hair cut often... how often do you recommend getting your hair trimmed?

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