Sunday, 4 October 2015

Making the most of what is left...

Hey guys! So for today's post we wanted to do something a little bit more personal and different. It's been awhile since we've really done a post about our actual lives, so that's kind of what today is. Oh and before I start this post is also a kind of explanation as to why there has been a lack of posts recently.

So to start things of.. if you didn't know we both go to Hull Uni where we study Law (Em - Law with Business, Han - Law with Criminology). Sadly, we have now reached our final year and boy has it flown by. So we both decided that we would make the most out of our final 'freshers' events and really appreciate university and spending time with friends. This last week has resulted in a few nights out luckily with no hangovers saying that we got the 'freshers flu'. Also got to make new friends and have new experiences (han basically moving out for a week which mean't no laptop to do blog posts). 

So now the week has finished and we are all 'partied' out, it's time to get serious and put in the effort and time to reach our goals in terms of our degrees. We thought we would do a bit of a reflective post.  It's crazy to think that a few years ago we didn't even know each other and now we are like best friends who tell each other everything. It's also crazy to think that we only have a matter of months until we are no longer students and have to join the 'real' world and look for jobs etc. 

Me (han) personally remembers being so scared/nervous about starting university (which you can read about here: university experience so far). Now I love it and will actually be sad come next summer to say i'm no longer an undergraduate student. University for me has brought me confidence as, as soon as I stepped onto the university campus I knew I had to do this experience on my own, & get out of my comfort zone. 

My main worries were making new friends and getting lost or not doing well? Now I can say that I have overcome these worries and I can do well as long as I put the work in especially after seeing my second year results. I feel like have slowly become more social/out going because before I was a very shy person and it would take me ages to talk to people. Now I feel like I am slowly speaking to more people and getting away from that shy girl. 

University has brought me great friendships including my best friend. Some have been from the start and some may have just been last week but all i'm grateful for. I literally just made friends with a girl whom I briefly knew to someone that I was going out with every night.  It made me realise who my actual friends are at home and who to keep in contact with/effort with.

I feel I have definitely grown up more although I am still unsure about what i'll be doing with myself after university and that will be my next step in my life and a whole new blog post. I also feel like it's made me realise that I need to say yes to more things out of my comfort zone and make the most of what opportunities I have now. - han.

Awwww :) han is such a cutie but yes I totally agree with her. We are so similar and going to univeristy really pushed me out of my comfort zone I was such a quiet, shy person and literally worried the full summer about going to university. My main worry was that I wouldn’t make friends as I was living at home so I wouldn’t experience that 'community living' which I thought essentially was the main meeting point for all freshers. I decided that I wasn’t just going to sit back and not make any friends I needed to try harder and put the effort in. So I joined a fresher page where I fist met han! I honesty saw her picture and thought she looks nice. She commented on a post I wrote and since then we started talking. We decided to meet up and go to the first fresher’s party together I was so excited as I wouldn’t have to go on my own and face the dreaded experience of having to make friends there...
 Since then I knew my life had changed dramatically I went from this shy, quiet girl who didn’t go out much to going out all the time, making new friends and really enjoying myself. When fresher’s finished I knew I had made such an amazing friend with han everyday we would find more things in common and I soon knew I had made a best friend.

With university it is important to just enjoy yourself. Uni is a time for friends, new experiences and essentially bettering yourself. I believe it gives you the opportunity to really grow as a person and I am so glad that I can finish university with amazing friends and a best friend.  I do feel like I have grown up, I know myself better and feel like I can now make better choices. If I could give one bit of advice it would be to just say yes! Go out with your friends, have a laugh, don’t worry so much and push yourself to do things you wouldn’t normally do. -em

Going to university may be hard work and a pain in the bum with all the referencing you have to do for essays but it has definitely been fun! It has been enjoyable and we can't wait to make the most of what's left of our final year. 

see you soon (with a beauty post) em & han xo
ps: if you have any questions about university etc? let us know and we will either answer comments or do a post. Also sorry for the picture quality. These were taken on my IPhone 4s so not the greatest camera however getting the Iphone 6s soon so if future phone photos are ever used again they should be an improvement. 


  1. Great photos, so glad you're enjoying University <3

  2. University is such a great experience, you learn so much about yourself. But look forward to the future - there's lots to get excited about :)

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