Monday 6 April 2015

Guest Post - Remi Mayer: Accesorize the Summer

As the spring sun is heating us up for the summer to come, the natural question innate to every girl out there is: “What to wear?” We all know that summer is the best time of year to flaunt with our outfits and our bodies as well. The great thing about summer is that you can wear just about anything, if you accessorize it right. Accessories can make or break every outfit, so you should choose them even more carefully than you choose your clothes. Get ready for some summer must haves.

The ultimate summer accessory

Unless you have some super power to stare at the flaming sun, you’ll have to get yourself a pair or two pairs of sunglasses. This accessory carries the title “ultimate” because it’s not only fashionable and trendy, but also very functional, providing your eyes the necessary protection from the sun. This summer will be all about colors, when it comes to sunglasses. A mixture of different colors and shapes will catch everyone’s attention, and don’t forget to get yourself a few pairs of those mirrored glasses. Super cool!

Walking on sunshine

Understandably, the heat can be unbearable during the summer, and you’ll want to have some comfortable footwear, to endure the difficulty of it. But, please, don’t compromise your look with a pair of unflattering flip-flops. Also, it’s not the point to torment yourself wearing high heels. There is a middle ground, and it’s called wedges. They are perfect to wear for a night out, a day at the beach, a simple walk in the park, and most importantly, they look stunning. Make sure to get more than one pair, one monochrome to go with your colorful summer clothes, and the other with daring patterns, to add a pop of color to some other outfits.

The beach toys
Don’t you just love to play around with beach accessories? You can make a regular swimsuit look classy by just putting on some fabulous patterned or monochrome beach kaftans. It will elevate your look just like that. One other thing that is a must for a chic beach look is an oversized floppy hat. It is a classic that will add a touch of elegance and provide your outfit with a whiff of the old Hollywood glam. Moreover, it will provide you with the much needed protection from potential sun burns.

Less is sometimes more
As the summer style is usually minimalistic, leave your oversized handbag in the closet, and opt for a smaller solution. A big bag won’t compliment your light sun loving look, so go for a clutch purse instead. It would be a cute addition to your outfit, and it should be big enough for you to carry your regular essentials. A clutch purse can have so many styles and colors, so you’ll surely find one for every occasion.

It’s a wrap

Summer is the perfect time to wrap yourself in a bright colored scarf. It is a great accessory because it can change an outfit drastically. If you wear the same outfit with different scarves in various occasions, it is quite possible for that to be perceived like a totally divers clothing. Scarves can also be great belts to add a pop of color to your outfit, and some of them can even be worn as sarongs when you need a bit of extra coverage at the beach.

For me, summer is the brightest time of year, and a time where everything you imagine you can do with an outfit is possible. Even if you want to wear darker colours, it’s no big deal… But really, who does that? Enjoy you summer look, stack your accessories and prepare yourself for the adventures that are about to come!


  1. I can't wait for summer to arrive! I love all the boho chic inspiration ;)

  2. Thanks loves :) I'm super excited for spring as well