Friday 20 February 2015

MAC Pink Plaid Lipstick

MAC Pink Plaid Lipstick Review/Swatches
MAC Pink Plaid Lipstick Review/Swatch/Swatches

So hey guys.. I'm back with MAC Pink Plaid for you today (best colour reflection is the bottom two pictures). Anyway to Pink Plaid.. I went through such a phase of wearing this then I got new ones so kind of forgot how much I loved this shade. Now I remember i'm loving it again. It's great for everyday wear. It is a matte finish which means that it lasts ages on the lips. The shade is described by MAC as a dirty blue pink.. I don't personally know how I would describe it maybe dusky pink.. I don't know, you guys decide.

Let me know what you think to this shade? Or whether you have it? Also how do you describe this shade from my swatches...

see you soon, han x 


  1. Nice natural pink :)

  2. Really nice shade!

    Nikoleta, xoxo.

  3. Matches the name of my OOTD haha, I must purchase! x

    Eva ||

  4. Hi, I really like your blog and I follow. I would be glad if you visit me too;) see u ..

  5. Love the shade! Great for casual days! <3 definitely will buy! x

  6. lovely blog, Followed ya via g+ would love if u could follow back =)